Faith || Why It Is Good Friday

Crucified for our glorification
Forsaken for our redemption
Atoned for our justification
Propitiated for our reconciliation
Became our sanctification

His life for our eternity
His blood for our errors
His flesh for our freedom
His stripes for our healing
His death defines love

He exchanged our inability for power
Our poverty for riches
Our ignorance for wisdom
Our weakness for strength
Our humiliation for honor
Our shame for glory and curse for blessing

It’s Good Friday because one man did all of this for us, He made it good! That man is JESUS!
He did it just for you and me!
What an amazing Grace! What an undeserving love! No greater love than this! (John 15:13)
Thank you Jesus for the cross!
Your blood made the difference!

But wait a minute! Wouldn’t it be better to live for Him? He first lived for you anyway!
I mean, doesn’t it make sense to fall in love with someone who gave us His life?
I think the best decision will be to come to Him now if you haven’t given your life to Him. He died for you and He’s been waiting to embrace you.
Come to Him now, He’s waiting! Talk to Him now, He’s listening.

Keep Flourishing! 💋

P.S: Special shout out to everyone who has downloaded and read my book “33&Thirsty”. 🤗

I have no doubt, you were blessed and I encourage you to send us your testimony ( because I believe you have one. 😘

If you haven’t read the book, please get it here. Thank you and God bless you. 💓

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