Marriage || Keep Watering Your Grass

One of the major lessons I have learnt in my very short time of being married is to keep watering your grass.

Keep being intentional about first, honoring God in your marriage and then second, loving and caring for your spouse without restrictions.

Yes! When they make you feel good and even when you feel like dropping hot coal on their head. Lol!

Marriage is sweet but it takes intentional contributions of both spouses. Marriage is divine and must be operated by divine principles.

God has a purpose for marriage, a bigger purpose that must be fulfilled, so you see why both spouses have a part to play.

I remember one of my written goals for this year is to intentionally take care of my husband, I mean I just want to honour God in my marriage no matter what and each time it looks like I’m straying, I remind myself of this goal.

Look, I am not saying I’m a perfect wife or I have a perfect marriage but I have chosen to be an intentional wife, it’s a decision I made and God has since then made sufficient grace available to me.

So, either my husband makes me feel good or not, I am responsible for my actions and committed to honouring God with them, and I believe consistently playing my part, in turn, leads to perfection because effort is being made.

However, I am very much aware that no two marriages are the same but as long as you keep watering your grass, you will not have to envy your neighbour’s lawn.

It’s important to note that the ultimate goal is that God should be glorified in your marriage and that requires honoring Him by putting in your quota.

Till your ground!
Water your grass!
Keep dancing!
Keep honoring God, above all!

May your marriage never stop being a pointer to Jesus. Amen.

Keep Flourishing!

Sharing Is Caring

Inspiration || Understanding Contentment In Your Calling.

I have often wondered how some people want to do everything. They are not just content in their place of assignment.

I recently worked with someone and I was always upset and at the same time wondering, why does this person want this and that? I mean, you have enough on your table that you’ve not even done justice to.

Look, I am not against people admiring what is good in others and wanting to be that. No! Because the scripture tells us to covet good gifts (1 Corinthians 12:31) and I, also admire and some times covet anything I see that is good and goes in line with my calling.

That’s not the problem, the problem is some of us don’t even know our lanes, so we can’t stay in our places of assignment because we don’t know why we have been called into that office. Now you get my point. Right?

Imagine if King Saul had stayed on his lane ‘jeje’, but he felt because he was the king, he could as well function in the office of the priest when God has not called him there. To make his case worse, he acted in disobedience and not in ignorance. (1 Samuel 13:9-14)

The truth is, you can be anything but you cannot be everything. No doubt, some of us are engraced with more than one gifts and the ability to be anything at a time but don’t stay where God has not called you to, that will be disobedience. Don’t be Jonah!
Don’t do what God has not told you to do. Learn from King Saul!

Yes! It is true that God has called everyone of us to be something for His glory. But be specific in your calling, get clarification from God if you’re not sure.

Recognize that you have not been called to be everything or be like everybody or walk in everybody’s shoes, your calling is specific to you, walking the path of other people is discontentment of purpose.

You are peculiar, so also is your assignment here on earth, understand why you’ve been called into your office, know what you have been called to do and stay on your lane. You will do well if you’re in your place of assignment because that’s where the blessing is. Selah!

Keep Flourishing! 💋

Sharing Is Caring