Faith || Expect The Miraculous – Word for The Month of August

All through the scriptures, we saw that every miracle that happened had the hand of God in it. Miracles show us how powerful our God is and they help our faith to yet believe in Him for more.

All of the scriptural miracles were beyond human understanding and this points to the fact that God is the source and custodian of all miracles, God is a miracle-working God, in fact, He is miracle Himself, and He does fearful things that men marvel at.

But the good news is, God still does miracles today and God can still give you a miracle if you have faith to believe and receive it.

Job 5:9 says “We cannot understand the great things he does, and to his miracles, there is no end.”
Miracles abound if only we take time to look. God daily gives miracles, His miraculous deeds are inexhaustible.

If you believe God for the impossible, He will do the impossible, there’s nothing you believe God for that He wouldn’t do above and beyond your expectation. The scripture says God is able to do exceeding, abundantly, far above all you can ever ask or think…Ephesian 3:20

God is more than able to surpass your expectations and when that happens, it’s called the miraculous.

Mind you, The level of your faith is determined by the level of the miraculous you experience. Therefore, you can either believe God for something big or settle for less but If I were you, I will choose the former.

This month, as you believe God for the miraculous, may your expectations never be cut short.
May the Lord give you jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, and crowd gathering miracles.
May each day of the month and beyond bring you miracles.

May the Lord cause men to marvel at the occurrences of miracles that He will do in your life.
May you have catalogs of testimonies as a result of God’s wondrous acts in your life.
Everything that seems impossible around you shall be made possible by the miraculous acts of God in display in your life.

Every crooked path shall become straight, every struggle shall come to an end.
Your life shall show forth God’s glory!
That which no eyes have seen, nor ears heard, nor even conceived by any mind will be the order happening around you all through this month and beyond. Amen!

Welcome to August! 💃
Your month of the MiRaCuLoUs!
Expect an everyday miracle!

Keep Flourishing! 💋

Sharing Is Caring

Inspiration || All I See is Possibilities – Word for The Month of March

Dear Beloved,

Happy New Month!

Welcome to the third month of the year and I will like to say,  If there’s anything the past few months of this year have taught me, this particular lesson stands out and it is that, the journey might seem dark but there’s always light at the end of every tunnel.

The road might be rough, the route might be long, but as long as you have Jesus on the driver’s seat, even when He turns where you don’t expect a turn or go through a valley that feels dark, you need not to worry about a thing because with Him on the wheel, ANYTHING is POSSIBLE!

Besides, you are just a passenger, whatever happens on the journey, you can trust Him to give you a safe landing.

God cares about every little detail of our lives and with Him nothing, I mean absolutely nothing is impossible.

The fact that things are not working according to your plan doesn’t mean they are not working according to God’s plan. (See Romans 8:28)

There’s nothing termed impossible that’s not possible with God. (Matthew 19:26)

This month, allow God’s plans and purpose to be bigger than your hopes and expectations combined…All things are possible with Him.

It’s March and all I see is POSSIBILITIES!

Welcome to March!
Your Month of Possibilities! Amen.

Keep Flourishing!

Sharing Is Caring