Inspiration || Mighty Man of Valor

Oh! Mighty man of valor!
You don’t think that’s you?
You feel unworthy and unqualified?
But He says that’s who you are

He sees beyond your present status
He calls you mighty in your weakness
He calls you great even in your smallness
He sees a warrior even in your cowardice

Yes! You mighty man of valor!
The Lord of host is right with you
You shall be greatly helped 
Go in this power of yours

Your skills or ability are not needed
Only your obedience is required
Forget about your doubts and fears
He will surely see you through it all

You’ve been equipped for good works
Great grace has been unleashed
Victories and triumphs are assured
Peace roundabout is guaranteed.


Keep Flourishing!

PS: I started a 10book (or more) in 30days challenge for this month of June, and I’ve had some friends join me. This is exactly 1 book every 3days and so far, we’ve endeavored to stick with this plan even in our tight or busy schedules. The journey has been very impactful and we are almost done with book 3. Yippee! 💃

Anyway, you can still join us on this challenge if you wish to, your preferred list of books is allowed or see the list of books we are reading here

We also have an accountability group on WhatsApp, if you wish to join us for review and follow-up, you can do so here.

Let’s smash some reading goals this month together. Yes! 💪

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