Faith || Astonishing V I C T O R Y! – Word for The Month of September

All through scriptures, we saw men and women who went through trials and tribulations yet came out as though nothing ever happened to them because the Lord was in it with them.

Troubles, challenges, and trials are part of life’s package and as long as we’re breathing, troubles will surely come even when life is going along perfectly but we have an assurance of God’s grace to see us through, His strength to hold us up and His peace to comfort us in the midst of them all.

God has promised to never leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5b) and contrary to people’s beliefs that God uses trials to punish our sins, never!
Whatever you’re going through is just a test of faith if you’re in right standing with God.

God is too loving and merciful to allow us to be challenged more than we can bear, rather He uses trials and life’s challenges to strengthen us and most times to build our faith in Him. (James 1:2-3)

Looking at the lives of Abraham, Hannah, and Job, we saw how God used their trials to build their faith and granted them astonishing victory.
God is never wrong and everything He does is good!

Whatever trouble life brings your way, be of good cheer for your Saviour has made you an overcomer.

This month, I pray for you that your strength never fails, you will never lose your peace, may your faith never grow weary, may you succeed in every way against all odds or difficulties, and may the Lord give you astonishing victory on every side.

Happy New Month Beloveds 😍
Welcome to your month of Astonishing V I C T O R Y! 💃
Keep Flourishing! ❤

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Inspiration || The Secret to Success

I heard Bishop David Oyedepo say ‘The Holy Ghost cannot remind you what He has not taught you.” And I found it to be very true.

We cannot be taught unless we attend His class and we can only attend His class majorly by studying (His words, inspired books in areas of interest).

God is not a magician! There are always two sides of a coin.

For every of God’s instruction, there is always the part of God and your own part.

And without any iota of doubt, God will always keep to His part but what about us?

In your chosen field of endeavor, you cannot succeed unless you take time to study and search out what is needed to succeed and that is your part to play.

All men or women of exploit are the ones who give in to studying.

Daniel was a very great man in Babylon, with a very busy schedule (Prime minister of a state) but he still found time to read and did thorough searching and studying.  He said I, Daniel understood by books. (Dan 9:2)

Paul reminded Timothy to bring along his books (2Tim 4:13). Even in prison, he was still building his mind.

You shouldn’t be surprised he wrote most of the New Testament books.

So what excuse do you have?

Seriously, you cannot grow beyond your level of knowledge.

Studying is not only for students or people in academics. Even in that your small business, when was the last time you read a book on business growth and development? In your career, how many self development books have you read?

The ones you bought, have you read them?

There are people who have gone ahead, from whom we can glean from their knowledge, expertise and experience to be the best at our present level.

Like someone said “The quality of a man’s life is in direct proportion to his commitment to excellence regardless of his chosen field of endeavor.”

It is what you have been taught or what you have read, that you’re reminded of.

No one succeed without paying the sacrifice of putting in some extra time in the place of studying.

If you want to be prosperous and have good success in that your chosen field of endeavor, I think you will do well if you spend some time to study (Joshua 1:8).

I hope you take responsibility for your life. Selah!

Keep Flourishing!

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