Faith || The God of the Master and the Slave

How many times have we allowed other people’s dictation to define our lives?
How many time have we simply written ourselves off due to our background?
How many times have we felt we are not worthy of God’s attention?
How many times have we run away from the same thing that’s meant to make us better?

This was the case with Hagar, Sarah’s slave who became Abraham’s concubine in the 16th chapter of Genesis.

Sarah was the one who ran ahead of God and the poor Hagar became the helpless victim of Sarah’s scheming!

Wait! What was Sarah even thinking or expecting? That Hagar’s child will automatically become hers? Is it that easy for a mother to give away her son? Or was she expecting loyalty from a slave who had shared her matrimonial bed with her husband? #Weird!

But the all-seeing God saw all of it and decided to come through for Hagar who had been unjustly dealt with by her mistress. I’m sure Hagar wasn’t expecting God to visit her, besides she was an Egyptian who never thought God would be interested in her case.

And one would’ve thought God had prepared a better place for Hagar to escape from her mistress’ maltreatment but God said, the way out is to go through the pain.

I have often said that you are where you are for a purpose and until the purpose is achieved, you must remain where you are. Nothing good comes easy! So, go through your pain, it’s moulding something great in you. The process is preparing you for the palace.

We saw that Sarah’s folly had its root in unbelief and her lack of faith in God’s potency to fulfill His promises brought about a mess that turned a friend of God into an adulterer, a godly woman into a wicked mistress and a poor girl into a pregnant fugitive.

You see, the consequence of our hasty actions in times of trials or the decisions we make out of impatience sometimes affect others.

But the good news is, irrespective of who you are or what you have done, God has a divine purpose for you and He is interested in EVERYBODY, both the Jew and the Greek, the high class and the low class, the rich and poor, there’s no favouritism with God. Romans 2:11

He is the God of the master and the slave.

Keep Flourishing!

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