Suggested Reading

What I am Reading Now:

I am currently on a ‘100 Book Read Journey’ for the year 2019 and these are what I’ve read so far:

January Read:

  • Outpour of the Spirit – Kenneth Copeland
  • The Art of Prayer – Kenneth E. Hagin
  • Born to Win – David O. Oyedepo
  • The Real You – Joys Priscilla Oyedepo
  • Becoming You – Michelle Obama (Started December but left it for other books, bad reading habit? I know!)
  • To The Moon and Back – Karen Kingsbury
  • In This Moment – Karen Kingsbury (I love Karen Kingsbury a lot and no month goes by without me reading or rereading her book. Addicted? Yes! Lol!)

February Read:

  • Pearl In the Sand – Tessa Afshar
  • God Has a Sense of Humor – E. Akpeti
  • Woman to Woman – Joyce Meyer
  • Marriage Breakthrough – Lisa & John Bevere
  • Redemption Series – Karen Kingsbury (All the five of them: Redemption, Remember, Return, Rejoice, Reunion)
  • He Kept Me- Aity Dennis

March Read:

  • Bridge to Haven – Francine Rivers
  • Even Now – Karen Kingsbury
  • Even After – Karen Kingsbury
  • How to Get More From Life – Scott Young
  • Unlocked – Karen Kingsbury
  • Exploit of Faith – David Oyedepo

April Read:

  • Thirty – Three and Thirsty – Damilola Akinbulu-John (Click to get the book for free)
  • Girl Boss- Sophia Amoruso
  • Angels Walking – Karen Kingsbury
  • Chasing Sunset – Karen Kingsbury
  • A Brush of Wings – Karen Kingsbury
  • Higher is Waiting – Tyler Perry
  • Soar – T.D Jakes
  • Don’t Settle for Safe – Sarah Jakes Roberts
  • The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
  • Exploring the Secrets of Success – Dr David Oyedepo

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