Inspiration || Lay Out Your Fleece If You Have To

Even if you have to lay out your fleece
Don’t stop depending on Him
If you have to cry out for help, do so
But never rely on your own understanding
Rather go all the way with God

Your unbelief or burden
Your troubles or struggles
Your desires or dreams
Your today or tomorrow
It’s OK to lay them all at His feet

His love, His grace
His word, His truth
His will, His way
His plan, His purpose
The best place to be is at the center of them all

Yield, obey, and surrender to His commands
There’s great peace in obedience
You just be content in His will
Be confident in His ways, and
Be comfortable with His plans

Knowing that surrendering precedes success
Obedience brings victory
Faith delivers miracles
Expectation births manifestation
The supernatural is not farfetched

Do not be afraid to follow the pillar
Either fire by night or cloud by day
You will be directed and guided aright
God delights in guiding His children
Just act according to His directives.

Keep Flourishing!💋

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Inspiration || In God’s Pantry

Everything needed is available
His table spread with provisions
He owns all things
We will lack nothing!

According to His divine power
He has freely given us all things
All things in abundance
No good thing will He withhold!

We can drink from His overflow
We can eat and be satisfied
Our soul will be refreshed
Our spirit will be renewed and body rejuvenated!

He’s got more than enough in His storehouse
Inexhaustible resources and supply
He catered for 3million people for 40years and fed more than five thousand people with a boy’s lunch and there were leftovers
What an immeasurably more God!

The earth and it’s fullness belongs to Him
Silver and gold are His
Cattle on a thousand hills He owns
Manna and meat He’s got and so much more in store!

From His pantry, you can take or refill
Simply ask and you will be given
Genuinely seek and you will find
Gently knock, the door will be opened.


Keep Flourishing! 💋

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Inspiration || God Doesn’t Make Mistakes, He Makes MASTERPIECES!

Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it, What makest thou?
Can a sheep say to the shepherd don’t watch over me?
Like clay in the hand of the potter so are we in God’s hands
As a shepherd looks after his sheep, so does God look out for us.

The truth is, God can find you wherever you are and make of you whomever He will
Because only Him truly knows where you are or who you should be
He is your Maker, He can make something great out of your life.

See, when the Potter have His way in your life
He turns you into a showpiece
Even when you don’t understand His hand, His heart can be trusted.

God is over all and can do as He pleases
Whether we understand His actions or not
We have this assurance, God doesn’t make mistakes
He only makes M A S T E R P I E C E S!

Keep Flourishing!

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Inspiration || Faithful is He Who Has Promised

Anticipate with pleasure
Wait expectantly
Hope with confidence
Faithful is He who has promised!

Be brave! Stay strong!
Don’t give up!
Remain hopeful!
Faithful is He who has promised!

Though it tarries, wait for it
Though it seems delayed
Keep waiting patiently
For He that promised is faithful!

In your waiting, strength is renewed
Grace will be multiplied
Your patience will be rewarded
Faithful is He who has promised!

His words don’t return void
He watches over them to perform
His promises shall be fulfilled
He who has promised is faithful!

Keep Flourishing! 💋

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Inspiration || Salt and Light

Hi Guys,
So I had a speaking engagement earlier today and I preached from Matthew 5:13-16.

I talked about the symbolism of salt and light and listed some characteristics of each of them and how they relate to us as Christians.

Worthy of note is How To Shine Our Light As Christians:

1. Do Not Hide Your Light
We’ve been called to be light bearers! We cannot shine our light when it is hidden and when our light isn’t shining, men can’t see our good works and when our good works are not seen, our lives can’t bring glory to God. God is light and He is not to be kept a secret!

2. Talk and Share Your Faith
People should know what you carry…LIGHT! When we share our faith, we are simply spreading the light.

3. Light Other People’s Candle
We shine brightest when we are all lit.

4. Live a Life That Glorifies God
Living our lives for God brings Him glory and our light is a reflection of God’s light. So, when we get it right with Him, He shines through us.

The summary:
You are the light of the world
You’ve been anointed to illuminate
You are the salt of the earth
You’ve been assigned to preserve

As a preserver, stand on the watch for the lost
As a flavor, sweeten and add savor
As light, shine and brighten the world
You’ve been made a blessing to the world

You have been saved to shine
You have been transformed to inform
You have been helped to uphold others
You have been restored to strengthen

Hide not but shine your light so brightly
Influence and make an impact on others
Let men see your good works and not words
Let your life bring glory to your heavenly Father.

Keep Flourishing!

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Inspiration || Mighty Man of Valor

Oh! Mighty man of valor!
You don’t think that’s you?
You feel unworthy and unqualified?
But He says that’s who you are

He sees beyond your present status
He calls you mighty in your weakness
He calls you great even in your smallness
He sees a warrior even in your cowardice

Yes! You mighty man of valor!
The Lord of host is right with you
You shall be greatly helped 
Go in this power of yours

Your skills or ability are not needed
Only your obedience is required
Forget about your doubts and fears
He will surely see you through it all

You’ve been equipped for good works
Great grace has been unleashed
Victories and triumphs are assured
Peace roundabout is guaranteed.


Keep Flourishing!

PS: I started a 10book (or more) in 30days challenge for this month of June, and I’ve had some friends join me. This is exactly 1 book every 3days and so far, we’ve endeavored to stick with this plan even in our tight or busy schedules. The journey has been very impactful and we are almost done with book 3. Yippee! 💃

Anyway, you can still join us on this challenge if you wish to, your preferred list of books is allowed or see the list of books we are reading here

We also have an accountability group on WhatsApp, if you wish to join us for review and follow-up, you can do so here.

Let’s smash some reading goals this month together. Yes! 💪

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Inspiration || Launch Into The Deep

Yes! I know you’ve toiled all night
Yes! I’m aware you’re an expert
But I can see you’ve caught nothing yet

You just obey and launch out

Move past the shore in shallow waters
Go into the deep and let down your nets
Break away from your comfort zone
Step out in faith and ignore your fears

Soon, you will be beckoning to others
Soon, your boat will be sinking

Soon, your net will begin to break

If you will just launch out

In launching out into the deep

In letting down your nets for a draught
In obeying His commandment
Lies your awaited breakthrough

Launch out, launch deep
Launch even deeper
Give no room to doubt
There are treasures in the deep.

Keep Flourishing!

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Inspiration || Distractions – The Small Things That Hinder The Big Things

Distraction is one major enemy of progress because it takes your attention away from what you’re supposed to be doing, and doing what you’re not supposed to be doing, hinders progress.

The Oxford English dictionary defines the word “DISTRACTION” as a thing that prevents someone from concentrating on something else.

Distraction can be in any form, it can be as mundane as watching TV, talking about TV, will I shock you if I say I’ve not watched TV in months? Yes! I haven’t and I can’t really explain why and how I’ve done that but I know I just simply learnt how to say no to some unproductive habits. I am yet to win the war over some but I celebrate the little wins. Lol!

It might be some other things for you but the consequence is the same…No result is achieved!

Walking the path God has chosen for each of us requires that we keep our eyes on the goal by staying focused on our journey and be intentional about it. We were not created to live a distracted life.

One of the things I said to myself at the beginning of this year was to be intentional about how I live my life this year, making every minute and moment count. I choose not to waste my time on anything (including people) that wouldn’t add any value to me and I’ve been making a conscious effort toward this.

That brings me to the summary of the solutions to distraction…Be intentional!

Being intentional is living your everyday life in an extraordinary way, living as you mean it. Owning each day! Making each day count!
Being intentional about your goals, being intentional about living a purposeful life, not just letting life happen to you. Taking charge of your life as you follow the leading of the Shepherd. Redeeming the time! Making each day worth living for yourself.

I like to say this a lot, when I see people that are paying attention to less important things, ” Stop being Martha, be Mary!” From Jesus’ encounter with the two sisters, Martha and Mary, where Martha was being distracted with many tasks and asked that Mary give her a hand (in her distractions oh! Imagine!) But the Lord told Martha one thing is needful. (See Luke 10:38-42)

On your journey in life, one of the needful things is FOCUS. Even Paul said “I PRESS toward the goal… (Philippians 3:14). There was a goal he was intentional about and he made the decision to simply stay focused on His goals by pressing, pursuing, running, reaching for, chasing…

Our ability to stay focused is more than just a worthwhile thing to pursue, it’s a major factor that determines our success or failure. Getting things done is imperative, and focus is one critical key to getting things done.

As someone once said, “You can’t do big things if you’re distracted by small things.” Your goals are the big things, distractions are the small things. So, as you walk your path, purpose in your heart not to allow the small things hinder you from doing the big things, be intentional about keeping your eyes on the goal. Neglect the distractions ( naysaying, habits, people, etc) because there will be but you have the choice to either entertain them or ignore them, I choose the latter!

Finally, I will leave you with this scripture: Proverbs 4:25 (TPT) “Set your gaze on the path before you. With fixed purpose, looking straight ahead, ignore life’s distractions.”

Keep Flourishing!

P.S: Special shout out to everyone who has downloaded and read my book “33&Thirsty”.

I have no doubt, you were blessed and I encourage you to send us your testimony ( because I believe you have one. 😘

If you haven’t read the book, please get it here. Thank you and God bless you. 💓

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Faith || When Life Seems Overwhelming

Psalm 46:1 says:
God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. (NKJV)

God, you’re such a safe and powerful place to find refuge! You’re a proven help in time of trouble — more than enough and always available whenever I need you. (TPT)

From the above scripture, we understand that God is a helper who can always be found in our times of trouble. He is always available, no network failure with Him. 😁

This implies that no mater what may be happening around us, even in the face of life’s troubles and challenges, we can take refuge and derive strength from God.

No doubt, there will be difficult times and we can either go to God who has been proven and promises to be our refuge or find an alternative but I think the former will be the best option. 😉

For with God, we can experience peace even in the midst of chaos and only those who take refuge in God are safe and strengthened to go through the difficult issues of life. 💪

God is always our ever present help, always ready to help us, He is ever near, ever faithful, ever potent Father, before we call He will answer ( Isaiah 65:24), that’s what he promised and God keeps His words. 🙌

There’s no safest place to hide than in God, there’s no better person to go to when life seems overwhelming than God. 👍
Therefore, take refuge and rest in Him.

Keep Flourishing! 💋

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