Inspiration || The Scriptural Guidelines for Setting the Right Goals – Part 2

As the second half of the year rolls out, I hope you find these guidelines helpful if you are either setting new goals for the remaining half of the year or revisiting your goals from the beginning of the year.

 Please find Part 1 here 

• Secure God’s Plans – Psalm 118:8, 33:11, Proverbs 19:21, 16:1-3,

Psalm 118:8 – It is better to trust the Lord than to trust people (or yourself).

Psalm 33:11 – But what the plan of the Lord will stand forever. His thoughts never change.

Proverbs 19:21 – Many plans are in a man’s mind, But it is the Lord’s purpose for him that will stand (be carried out).

The plans of God accomplish good things.
When we secure a plan in God’s plans, we follow His leading and directives for that plan!

This means that we are willing to lay down what we want for what He wants, we are willing to surrender, yield, accept, obey, trust and be at peace and content with whatever that results to.

• Write them down – Habakkuk 2:2
Then the Lord answered me and said, Write a vision, and make it plain upon a tablet so that a runner can read it.

One of my Pastors often says the 11th commandment is WRITE!

Write! Whatever the plans or desires God has placed in your heart for the year as the goal to run with, do well by writing them down!

If you’re running with a goal or vision, it must be written down specifically and with clarity!

Writing down helps us to trace the faithfulness of God in our lives over time!

It’s just like when you keep a prayer journey, you are able to go back and say, Yes! God once answered these so and so prayers, I’m willing to trust Him again to do another wonder! It strengthens our faith and helps us have records of the faithfulness of God.

As humans, it’s possible to forget but when you write, you’re able to trace it back! I hope makes sense to you.

• Be Specific – Exodus 25:40
We have heard it said over and again that God does not respond to ambiguity but specificity.

We all know the story of the tabernacle building, God gave them specific instructions, the descriptions were very detailed.

Specifications were defined, the concept to follow a pattern or a precedent was established.

God is a God of details, He is a very organized and meticulous God! So permit me to say if you don’t have your act together, you’re not in anyway exhibiting the nature of your Father, do make amends!

Your goals should be specific and precise!

Only you can’t want to achieve a hundred thing at the same time, now I am not saying some people are not engraced to do beyond others, no, we all have the capacity to produce results in 100, 60 and 30folds, but my point is, don’t set goals that do not align with what God has called you to do at this present season of your life. It should be relevant and achievable!

Don’t do so many things with little or no results when you can actually do a few things with great results.

If it is your finances you need to get right this year, set goals in that direction.

Write the vision, make it plain, that word plain means simple and clear, no ephizzy, no paparazzi! Make it as simple and as specific as it can be. Let it be realistic and timely as well.

• Take action now! – James 2:18, Philippians 4:13

One of the things that can stop us from making measurable growth or progress in life or at anything at all is the failure to take action.

Everyone that received healing through faith from Jesus always had one last thing to do, action!

“Take up your bed and walk!”
“Go wash in the Pool of Siloam!”

The victory lies in obedience, and obedience requires that you do something! Doing is an action word!

If God has given you a go-ahead for your goals and you refused to swing into action, nothing will happen!

Even if your faith is as big as mount Everest if you will not take action to back up your faith nothing works!

But someone will say, “One person has faith, another has actions.” My answer is, “Show me how anyone can have faith without actions. I will show you my faith by my actions.” – James 2:18

There are always two sides of a coin until your part is fulfilled you can not commit God’s integrity to perform!

God needs your cooperation to make the goals or plans He has for you to become a reality.

So get to work bro! Get it going, sis! You have been empowered for exploits, God is at work in you, give Him your full cooperation! (Philippians 2:13)

The strength and enablement to do whatever we need to get done has been supplied, let’s tap into the abundance of God’s grace that is made available for us.

Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things [which He has called me to do] through Him who strengthens and empowers me [fulfili His purpose—I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency; I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him who infuses me with inner strength and confident peace.]

May we be marvellously helped in Jesus name, amen!

Keep flourishing!💋


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Faith || God is Mindful of Us – The Word for December

God is Mindful of Us

The Lord knows our frame
He is the God who sees the intent of our heart
He can be touched with our feelings.

Our trials, our struggles
The consolation, the preservation
The daily new mercies and benefits.

The expression of His mind
The mighty word filling breath of Him
The revelation of Truth which He has given us.

He remembers us in our lowly state
He reaches down from heaven and rescues us
We are being chased by His beauty and love.

Everything, even His very minutest blessing
All express the thought in God’s mind to us
How precious are His thoughts toward us!

He blesses us with an increase of His mercy
His gifts and grace, His presence and Spirit
What a good good Father He’s been to us.

The past experiences of His goodness bestowed
The promises of future blessings untold
All encouraged us to trust in His paths and plans.

Give us Your eternal perspective, Lord
Help us to see the profundity of your love for us
How amazing it is to know that You’re so mindful of us!

P.S: Despite all that has transpired in the year 2020, God is still mindful of you, He has your best interest at heart and you can always trust that His plans are good towards you and He’s able to perform all things for you.

Happy New Month Beloveds!
There is still so much in store, take it all in!
He that has promised is faithful.

Yes and Amen!
Welcome on board!
Keep flourishing! 💋


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Inspiration || Arise – The Word for the Month of October

So I suddenly became anxious about quite a few things lately, and I kept professing Philippians 4:6-7 but as I was studying two mornings ago, the Lord said to me ARISE!

Trust me, I looked up the word Arise in my Bible concordance, because the word could be figurative and not just literal or causative, and I discovered that all through the scripture, everywhere and anyone the Lord said to arise, it’s always culminates into a new change of level for them.

Like everyone Jesus told to arise, either rose from sickness to healing or from death to life, it was always a call into a new beginning and an entirely new experience.

God always has a distinct divine agenda, there’s always something spectacular on the other side, a prepared new position to rise into, a transformation that needs to occur. (I don’t think that’s expressive enough but I pray that the Lord will expand His words in your heart. Amen)

So, I have risen from that anxiety and fear for the future, I have risen into the rest of God. I have chosen to arise and follow the Lord’s plans for me, no matter where that leads me. After all, He knows not just my beginning but my end and all that’s in between. Mine is just to obey whatever He commands.

So I say to you too to Arise!
Arise from your worry into the peace of God!
Arise from that shame to glory and honour!
Arise from fear of the future or the unknown into confidence in the One who knows all things!
Arise from your state of inaction into the full manifestation of what God has called you to do!
Arise from your doubt and let your faith jack back to life, He that promised is forever faithful.

Whatever it is, just rise!

There’s something more on the other side, God has prepared a better than the present moment experience for you and until you arise, you can’t shine the light of God in you to experience the glory He’s prepared for you.

Morning is here, arise! 

Arise [from the depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept you—rise to a new life]! Shine (be radiant with the glory of the Lord), for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you! — Isaiah 60:1

Happy New Month Beloveds!
Welcome to October!💃
Keep flourishing! 💋


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Inspiration || Don’t Eat Your Tomorrow Today

I was only journaling my thoughts then it became an epistle, so here is the epistle.

You see this idea of having a few hundreds of thousands or a few million in your account and you’re already thinking of how to change your entire wardrobe or buy the latest iPhone or change your car eh?

Whichever spirit birthed that idea, that spirit is a bastard! I repeat that spirit is a bastard! That spirit that wouldn’t allow us to practice delayed gratification is not of God. 

I have come to realise that being a 9-5er, the only way you can stop living from paycheck to paycheck or not end up being broke or poor is to give, save, invest, spend and repeat.

A farmer doesn’t eat all his harvest. He sows some back into the ground so he doesn’t suffer when the next harvest season comes and he has nothing to harvest, or he becomes a subject of mockery. If all we do is to spend and spend and spend, we are on our way to the poverty land, nothing is promising about the land. Lol!

For the entrepreneurs, I read somewhere that you are not supposed to spend your profit until it has been multiplied more than twice. A good book to read is The Richest Man in Babylon, must I always talk about reading? Please forgive me, I am just someone who believes learning from other people’s experiences via books can save us from having to go through some life’s hurdles ourselves. We don’t need to experience it to learn from it. It doesn’t have to be your experience before you learn the lessons, other people’s experiences can be your best teacher not necessarily yours.

We all understand that being an entrepreneur isn’t for the faint-hearted and we all can not be one, some of us are not even called in that area, so we maintain our lane with joy and gladness of heart. #Jejely! Lol. But if you have been called to it, be intentional about it and also take necessary actions.

God gives bread to the eater and seed to the shower (2Corinthians 9:10), in that your 50k or 500k salary, even if it’s a 10k salary, there’s a seed to sow, don’t eat all. If all you do is to eat all, God wouldn’t give you an overabundance, because God is not a waster.

I have mentioned how I purposely didn’t set any goals for this year as I usually do but one of the major things, the Lord laid bare to me was the area of my finances, I was struggling and I guess because I allowed myself to be vulnerable with that struggling part of my life, the Holy Spirit came to my rescue. Btw, let God invade your private life, it is for your own good.

I have often talked about how I am being changed by the word of God, I’m aware how much it has made me better, so I have made it a point of duty to go to God in His word and of course in prayer. The word of God remains a mirror that shows us things about us that need to be refined. It gives us a sound correction. (See 2Corinthians 3:18 and 2Timothy 3:16)

I was struggling not that I was borrowing or living beyond my means but I wasn’t saving enough, I wasn’t on top of the game about my finances and I was always sad about it. So I made some changes by wisdom.

See, I discovered that just paying your tithe without also putting something aside for the future isn’t balance and just saving without tithing and giving is foolish. You need wisdom on the list if you want to have the financial freedom you desire.

I understand that giving is the key to receiving but you can’t just be receiving and be squandering because you have given a portion of what you have received as a tithe, so the windows of heaven have been opened, it’s time to flex! That’s not all that needs to be done, you still need to save, don’t flex all of it away! Applying the principle of sowing and reaping isn’t enough, you need wisdom and wisdom is after paying your tithe, you save and invest and not just spend.

Proverbs 21:20 says “The wise store up choice food and olive oil, but fools gulp theirs down.”

When God multiplies your seed, if all you do is to eat all, the Bible says you are not wise.

We saw how Joseph helped the Egyptians saved up during the seven years of abundant harvest for the seven years of famine. (See Genesis 41:48, 53-56)

Also, if an ordinary ant can know how to store its provisions in summer and gather its food at harvest (See Proverbs 6:8), how much more you and I who were created after God’s likeness and carry the mind of Christ.

So, thank God I am getting my act together, I have taken my savings seriously, I’ve also been faithful with my tithing as always, I didn’t stop there, I’ve been investing as well and I encourage you to do the same if you haven’t been doing so. May we be marvellously helped in Jesus name. Amen! 

P.S: One of the very secure saving platforms that has helped me save a lot in the last couple of months is Piggyvest and you too can begin a journey to financial freedom today. Begin here using my ref code. HERE

I hope you’ve been blessed.
Please comment and share with your friends and family. God bless you.

Keep flourishing! 💋


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Inspiration || Bloom and Blossom

Grow at your own pace
Quality takes time
Don’t settle for mediocrity!

Don’t rush your process
Growth is a journey 
Enjoy every bend! 

You will bud
You will blossom and bloom
You will bear fruit!

In your season
At the Lord’s appointed time
He will make all things beautiful for you. Amen!

Be encouraged!
You shall be marvellously helped. Amen.

Keep flourishing! 💋


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Inspiration || God Honours Our Obedience

One of the major strong reasons King Hezekiah gave to God when the prophet was sent to tell him to be ready to die was how he (Hezekiah) had always tried to obey and please the Lord. (See Isaiah 38)

I don’t know if he said other things that moved the heart of God but one thing I am sure of, which has been shown to us all through the scripture is, God, honours obedience. It gives Him pleasure when we just obey.

Reading through the books of Kings recently, I discovered that one major thing the Lord kept making emphasis on, was obedience, nothing more. And one notable thing was mentioned about King Josiah, that there was no king who so completely turned to the Lord and followed all his instructions like him. He obeyed the Lord completely and the reward was evident to all. (See 2Kings 23:25)

Every King who did according to God’s instructions had better chances of living a good life. Obedience brought them blessings but those who walked in disobedience ended in calamity.

Every of God’s instructions that we obey will always bring us the blessings. God isn’t seeking anything from us than obedience, I guess that was why He chose David over Saul.

Also, sometimes, our obedience has a lot to do with others than with us. God doesn’t just bless us when we obey Him, He blesses others as well through our obedience.

The moment we realise so many other people’s blessings are tied to our obedience, we begin to live in obedience and it is in living in obedience that God’s power can be maximised in our lives.

I encourage you to choose a life of obedience to God as someone else’s blessing is dependent on it. (John 2:5-10)

Let’s also note that, It is much more important to God how we obey Him even in little things, as our obedience in small things is an integral step in receiving His greatest blessings. (Luke 5:4-10)

When we engage in obedience to God’s word, His leading, His directives, His instructions, He honours us by manifesting Himself in and through our lives. Amen!

Keep flourishing! 💋


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Inspiration || The Word for the Month of July – Possessing The Wisdom of God.

Here is the scripture the Lord laid in my heart for this month: 

“Whoever finds wisdom finds life and wins approval from the Lord.” Proverbs 8:35

We cannot win the approval of God and not succeed in all our endeavours. I don’t see how that’s possible.

I discovered that the greatest of all blessings after salvation is the Wisdom of God.

It is the secret of growing in the delight and the favour of the Lord, and you will agree with me that anyone who grows in the favour of the Lord ceases from labour.

But it is only God that grants wisdom and from His mouth come knowledge and understanding. (See Proverbs 2:6)

We can not go through life and succeed without possessing the wisdom of God. With it comes a long life, favour, pleasure, peace, honour, riches, sound direction and lots more.

The scripture says, “with wisdom, you are as good as being rich, in fact, it is better!” Ecclesiastes 7:11 
Wisdom has many advantages and when it is possessed, a bright future lies ahead and our hope will never fade.
I have written a series on wisdom, you can read them here and here and here, and here, also the Bible is full of all the benefits of the wisdom of God. (The book of Proverbs especially)
So this month I pray for you and I that may we be possessed by the wisdom of God and all that it brings.
Like Bezalel of the tribe of Judah, may we be filled with wisdom and ability in our various professions.
Like Solomon, may we receive wisdom and a very great insight as vast as the sand of the seashore to be able to discern the right, almost right and the wrong.
Like Stephen, may no one be able to stand up against the wisdom from above that we possess and by which we will speak life unto men which in turn draws men to Jesus. Amen!
Happy New Month Beloveds,
Welcome to Joyous July!
Keep flourishing! 💋

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Inspiration || Rest – The Word for the Month of June

I recently told myself to stop bothering about some issues I’ve actually been trailing, like back to back pursuit, because this reality dawned on me – ‘These issues are beyond my control but within God’s control, why can’t I just leave them for Him to sort out for me?’

So I decided to do one thing that I’ve been struggling to do, I rested! I ceased from work and struggling.

You see, the moment we start believing in the faithfulness and the ability of God to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves, we have entered into rest.

The kind of rest that comes from God isn’t the one that brings anxiety of any kind. It is rest in work and not from work. You know how you might be thinking you’re resting but your mind is travelling to and fro?

No! That’s not the kind of rest, this kind of rest brings quietness of the spirit, peacefulness of the heart, stability of the soul and serenity around even when the walls around you are crumbling, you are at peace and whether in trials or joyful times, you’re resting and trusting in the Lord.

“He will keep in perfect peace all those who trust in him, whose thoughts turn often to the Lord! Trust in the Lord God always, for in the Lord Jehovah is your everlasting strength.” Isaiah 26:3-4

So this month, I pray for you and I that we will enjoy rest round about, within and without.

We will experience the peaceful existence that enhances and enriches life here on earth. 

Our hearts will be kept in perfect peace, we will trust in the Lord’s stability and faithfulness even when the happenings around us say otherwise. Amen!

Happy New Month Beloveds,
Have a RESTful June!
Keep flourishing! 💋

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Inspiration || God’s Ways Are Past Finding Out

Oh, Lord our God!
How great are Your works
How ungraspable are Your decisions
Your ways are past finding out!

Oh, the profundity of Your wisdom!
How infinite is your knowledge, above anyone
Your thoughts are very deep
Higher and better than ours, but good for us

Oh, how unsearchable is Your greatness!
You do wonders without number
Who can search the limits of Your greatness
In You lies the secret stores of all knowledge

Even though we cannot fully grasp all
We rest in Your plans and purpose for us
We trust in Your power to execute Your plans
We depend on Your unending wisdom to unveil and fulfil at Your perfect timing. Amen!

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I trust that this book blesses you, and above all, bring glory to God. Amen.

I look forward to receiving your testimony. God bless you.

Keep flourishing! 



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Inspiration || God’s Manifest Presence – The Ultimate Gift

We have heard it said over and over that the presence of God is everywhere but what we don’t often hear is that the manifest presence of God isn’t everywhere.

The omnipresence nature of God makes Him be everywhere and can exist without our awareness but the manifest presence of God cannot!

It is not something anyone encounters and remains normal or stays still! No way! You will know something hits you! Your awareness becomes awakened! In one word, It is experiential! #Glory!

Case study: King Nebuchadnezzar, when he threw the three Hebrew Boys into the fire, they had the omnipresent nature of God with them all along but the king wasn’t aware of it, only the guys knew God was with them, but the moment the manifest presence of God stepped in, oh boy! The king jumped up and screamed, look at! I can see four men! Or ain’t I seeing well? He had to rub his eyes to be sure he saw correctly, #Lol! He saw the 4th Man in the fire #Kabaya! and even testified that His appearance was like that of the Son of God! Who told him? (See Daniel 3:20-25)

The truth is, no one remains the same having encountered the manifest presence of Yahweh!

To live daily encompassed with the manifest presence of God is not only supernaturally beautiful but it is imperative in our Christian walk! Just imagine the kind of victorious life we would all be living if we all have this kind of experience steadily! Gosh! What an endless glory to behold!

So the ultimate blessing we need is the gift of God’s manifest presence. We must be like Moses who said he’s not moving until God personally moves with him. (See Ex 33:10-15)

However, to enjoy this gift of the manifest presence of God, we must live in the consciousness of it! Now I am not talking about feelings but a spiritual tsunami of all that God is, a genuine encounter that leaves no one the same, you know what happens when there’s an outbreak of tsunami right? Eh-en!

But just that this is not ‘destructive’ except in the enemies’ camp and we are aware of what transpired when Christ showed up there…Ayayayaya! (See Colossians 2:15)

We must also desire a continual hunger and thirst for the manifest presence of God! We must not just desire it but we must as well pray deliberately for it, get ready for it and anticipate it.

My prayer for us all is that, in this month of His presence, we will all genuinely and earnestly walk in the reality of the manifest presence of Yahweh! Amen!

Keep flourishing! 💋

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