Faith || In His Might – Word for the Month of September

Until we have come to the very end of ourselves, we cannot fully comprehend what God can do through us.

I think it’s okay to acknowledge that we can of ourselves do nothing. We are frail! Literally! I mean, ain’t we? Our effort as humans is inadequate, our strength is small! We have no power of our own!

There’s absolutely nothing we can do in our own strength alone, forget motivational speaking, lol! No one can successfully go through life by their own strength and wisdom but there’s much more we can achieve through the strength of God in us and His wisdom before us.

This month, all that you set out to do will be made possible and exceed your expectations if only you would go in the might of Abba!

 I pray that may we be carried by the outstretched arms of YHWH!
As we ride on the wings of the Spirit, may we be infused with strength that outruns chariots and be baptised into divine fearlessness.

May we take hold of grace for unprecedented exploits and may our feebleness be exchanged for His might Jesus name, amen!

You can be sure of speed when your path is lighted by Him and your little will be made much when He’s the wind beneath your wings.

So, go in His might! Ephesians 6:10

Happy New Month Beloveds
Welcome to Spectacular September!
Keep flourishing! 💜


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Faith || H E L P E D! – The Word for the Month of August

August 2021, I am H E L P E D! 

Yahweh is my strength and my wraparound shield. When I fully trust in you, help is on the way. 
I jump for joy and burst forth with ecstatic, passionate praise! I will sing songs of what you mean to me! – Psalm 28:7

As I was waiting on the Lord for the word for this month, what He whispered to my heart was HELPED! I heard it so distinctly.

After I wrote it down, I realised the word sounded past tense, I felt maybe I was interpreting it with my Yoruba English, lol! But the Lord said August 2021, I am HELPED!

The interpretation I got was, for every day of this month and beyond, the Lord has gone ahead to be the help that we would need, it will come timely and astonishingly.  Before the need arises, the supply would’ve been made available and the supply would outweigh the demand.

As you go through this month, I encourage you to look out for divine assistance, be intentional about asking God for the help He’s promised you, even in seemingly unimportant things, yes! Wherever and in whatever you need help, the Lord promised to be to us available, appropriate help and well-timed help, showing up just when we need it, it will be spectacular but remember only those who asks receives, ask in faith without wavering, let your trust in God be deep-seated and He will show Himself in all your affairs. Amen!

Happy New Month Beloveds!❤
Declare:  I am helped of the Lord!
Every step of the way, I am HELPED! Amen!

Have a glorious August!
Keep flourishing! 💋


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Faith || P O S S I B I L I T I E S – The Word for the Month of July

So the impossible is possible with God.

– Luke 1:37

When the impossible is made possible, we call it a miracle or wonder! And W o n d e r is who God is, He is full of wonders! (Isaiah 9:6b)

Possibility is a word that defines who our God is and from creation till date, we have seen and heard of diverse kinds of impossibilities that became possible simply because our God was involved.

With five loaves and two small fish, five thousand men, including women and children were fed
Simple instruction and a response of obedience turned water into wine
An unwavering faith delivered some 3 Hebrew guys from a fiery furnace.

Just by a word of command, a valley of dry bones became an exceeding great army
Blind men received their sight, the lame walked
Even raging seas became calm by the power of His spoken word.

A virgin conceived a child by the Holy Spirit
Aged barren women bore sons
A shepherd boy became a renowned warrior and a king… All these and many more are God’s speciality!

The Extraordinary Strategist! He brings greatness out of nothingness, He revives lifeless situations and does wonders without number. (Job 9:10) Whenever He steps in, He does the unimaginable! That’s who our God is and He is true to His word!

This month, as you take delight in obeying every of God’s instructions, you will see His will accomplished in your life.

That issue of concern that looks like a dead-end, hand it over to the God of all flesh with whom nothing is impossible and watch him create a way in your wilderness and open up flowing streams in your wasteland. (Isaiah 43:19b)

Those written forgotten and forsaken goals and ideas in your journals and heart are still achievable, remember God operates outside time, He knows how to give speedy accomplishments in a short time.

I encourage you to revisit them and hand them over to the One who specialises in making the impossible possible.

As you follow His leading, He will show you the way to go and make straight your path.

As you stretch your faith to believe in His enormous power to work through you, you will experience His sovereignty.

As you rest in His sovereignty, He will make every impossible possible for you in Jesus name, amen!

Happy New Month Beloveds!💃
Welcome to All Round Possibilities!
Have a joyous July!
Keep flourishing!💋


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Faith || Ordered Steps – The Word for the Month of June

God’s ways are higher than our ways
His thoughts far exceed even that which we are yet to think
His ways are perfect and loaded in His words
His ways are the gateways to our high places.

God’s paths are of peace and pleasantness
No one is ever stranded walking in them
Those who follow them escape life’s decadence
Choosing them brings life and joy everlasting.

What He has prepared for us, no mind can fathom
The exceeding great and precious promises
All things that pertain to life and godliness
They’ve been made ready for those who walk in His ways.

Our steps are ordered by the Lord
His directions become our guide
His instructions become a delight
Obedience will lead us into His prepared place!

As we follow the guidance of Abba this month and beyond
May the path before us be made straight and steady
As we obey His leading delightsomely
May we enjoy all the benefits that come along with being led by Him.
Yes and Amen!

Hello June! 💃
Happy New Month Beloveds!
Keep flourishing! 💋


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Inspiration || The Scriptural Guidelines for Setting the Right Goals – Part 1

There’s nothing that pertains to our lives that can’t be found in the word of God. The word of God is complete!

Whatever it is, it is right there in the scripture, all we need is to search for it and apply it as appropriate to us.

So, as we journey into the year, it is expected that we seek the face of God as regards our plans or goals for the year.

And except the Lord has given you instructions as to how the year will roll, I think everyone should have a goal that should be pursued.

The dictionary defines Goal Setting as the process of deciding what you want to accomplish and devising a plan to achieve those desired results.

We all need a goal so noble to run with. But as Christians, do we just go through life as we will? No!

We don’t just decide without involving the Author of life, we cannot achieve anything without Him, no plan devised can be successful if He’s not involved.

God is the One who directs the cause of our lives, so we need His guidance for triumph in our endeavours in life.

So, let’s look at some scriptural guidelines that we help us set the right goals:

  • Seek Wisdom – Ecc 10:10, John 5:30

Goal setting is as a result of desires in our hearts, what you desire to achieve, if we don’t have a desire for anything, there will be no point setting any goals, right?

So, whatever those desires are, seek God’s wisdom about it.

We must understand that God who places desires in our heart, is able to grants them according to His will but not without first seeking His wisdom.

If you desire to have multiple streams of income, you go the Lord, telling Him ‘ Lord I learnt that this so and so business is now very lucrative but what are you saying about it?’

It’s more like enquiring of the Lord as David did. 1 Samuel 30:8-9

So David inquired of the Lord, saying, “Shall I pursue this troop? Shall I overtake them?”
And He answered him, “Pursue, for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all.”

Not every business is your business! Even if your friends are making money off it, God may not be leading you there. Don’t follow the crowd, follow your Lord!

There’s a reason why He is Lord, He has power and authority over the affairs of your life.

Get down before Him and ask for His wisdom, He will give you the word you need and the guidance required.

The truth is if we seek God’s wisdom in everything, we will save ourselves a lot of heartaches and headaches. Precious time will be redeemed as well.

To avoid going the same circle over and over, doing the same thing or setting the same goal every year without any result to show for it, seek the wisdom of God for guidance or direction.

  • Acknowledge God. – Psalm 37:4-5, Proverbs 3:5-6

Our goals or plans can only be successful when God is involved and don’t forget acknowledging God requires humility, only the meek will the Lord guide! ( See Psalm 25:9)

When we choose His will over ours in humility, we are guided into the right path for us.

Psalm 127:1 – Without the help of the Lord, it is useless to set goals or make plans. (My version 😆)

When we acknowledge God in our goals, He guides and leads us in the best path for our lives. 

I will instruct you (says the Lord) and guide you along the best pathway for your life; I will advise you and watch your progress. – Psalm 32:8

AMP says “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you, who are willing to learn…”

If you give God the free will, He will take the wheel.

  • Align with the Word and the Will of God. – Proverbs 16:3, Romans 12:2

The will of God and the word of God – these two go hand in hand.

I often say, the will of God can be found in the word of God, so we can’t know what the will of God is if we don’t study and meditate on His word and have it transform our mind. (see Romans 12:2)

And one beautiful thing about the study of God’s word is that it doesn’t just transform our minds but also our lifestyle, we are changed from within out, we become another man, another man that’s willing to go all the way with God!

We are to live, be upheld and sustained by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God, and the Bible is God’s voice in prints.

Before I digress too much, it makes a huge difference when our goals are aligned with the goals of God for us.

Share, submit, entrust, commit, align your plans with the Lord, and you will succeed. (Proverbs 16:3)

Where can we find God’s goals for us? In His Word! The will of God will always align with His word! 

See, if you want to know if something is good and godly, weigh it or examine it with the word of God.

The word of God is likened to a mirror (See James 1:23-24), it sees through anything.

Our goals should reflect the truth of God’s word. It should be directed by the will of God, it should be aligned and conformed to the will of Abba.

God’s will supersede ours and they are perfect.

When our goals are shaped by the word of God, it becomes a reality flawlessly because God’s word does not lie, it is forever valid and settled. (See Psalm 119:89) It’s a more sure word of prophecy! (See 2Peter 1:19)

When we engage the word of God then revelation is found, and revelations are the discovery of God’s thoughts and plans for us. 

Proverbs 29:18
CSB – Without revelation people run wild, but one who follows divine instruction will be happy.

MSG – If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves; But when they attend to what He reveals, they are most blessed.

May the Lord give you understanding, amen!  

I hope you have been blessed. I will continue the rest in part 2. God bless you.

Keep flourishing! 💋


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Faith || The Word for the Year 2021 – I N C R E A S E!

Isaac planted seeds in that land. And he gathered in the same year a hundred times as much as he had planted. The Lord brought good to him. Isaac became rich and kept getting richer until he became a great man. – Genesis 25:12-13

It was in the first week of December last year, lol! It’s now last year o, about a month ago there about that the Lord dropped in my heart a word for this year and I’ve been bubbling with excitement ever since. It is I N C R E A S E!

There have been confirmations right, left, back, front and centre and this gets me even more excited.

2021, you will experience increase on all fronts after the order of Isaac, you will be blessed and favoured by the Lord and every little effort you make will be magnified by the Lord to result into outstanding success and breakthrough!

The year is filled with plenty of rain and the Lord your God will personally keep His eyes upon you, He will go with you day after day all year long.

No matter what lies ahead, God promises to be with us and provide everything that we need to succeed, but remember only Him got the roadmap for the journey ahead.

So, I encourage you to get Him involved in every detail of your life’s activity this year and let Him lead you, you will go far and well if you will submit in obedience to Him.

Remember, Isaac became very prosperous because he followed and obeyed God’s leading, the hundredfold increase didn’t just come to be, it was as a result of His obedience to God when he was directed to stay where he was. 

Then the Lord appeared to him and said: “Do not go down to Egypt; live in the land of which I shall tell you. Dwell in this land, and I will be with you and bless you; for to you and your descendants I give all these lands, and I will perform the oath which I swore to Abraham your father.  – Genesis. 26:2-3

God will bring the increase that we desire for the year but we must be ready to follow every one of His instructions to the letter.

May we be marvellously helped in Jesus name. Amen! 

Happy New Year Beloveds!
Have an increasingly glorious 2021!
Keep flourishing! 💋


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Faith || Just One Word

Just one word Lord
Like Peter, bid me come
Help me launch into the deep without doubt

Just one word
Like Lazarus, call forth
Let every deadness hear and receive life

Just one word
Like the centurion, I believe
The authority of Your spoken word is enough

Just one word
Rebuke every wind and raging sea
Everything obeys Your voice

Just one word
Break into pieces every rock
Pierce every soul and spirit

At Your word
Everything takes shape
The impossible becomes possible.

Yes and Amen!
Keep flourishing! 💋


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Faith || No Returns – The Word for the Month of September

That’s how it is with my words. They don’t return to me without doing everything I send them to do.” – Isaiah 55:11

Either one or more, every one of God’s words operates a No Returns Policy!

Once He says it, that’s the ultimate! In fact, you don’t need two or more, just one word from the Lord is all you need, one word will turn your life around, give you direction and cause you to gain speed in life. It will terminate any age-long struggle! Just a word can change everything!

And even if there are two or more for you, you can be assured that all will be fulfilled because every word that proceeds from the mouth of God accomplishes that which He pleases and purposes, and prospers in the thing for which He sends them. God’s word is quick and powerful (Hebrews 4:12), it is the more sure word of prophecy. (2Peter 1:19)

This month, all you need is just one word from God, either for direction or instruction, for a breakthrough or lifting, for success or what have you, all you need is just one word of eternal life.

God always speaks with intention and He has the right word for every season and situation in your life, and once He gives it, either written or spoken, hold on to it because you can count on it, you can be sure it’s the final! His word CAN NOT return back to Him without fulfilment.

I pray for you that, may you believe that one word – ‘launch’ into the deep without arguing as Peter did, just as the dead Lazarus was called forth by the word of Jesus, may every dead thing in your life hear the word of the Lord and jack back to life, may every issue of concern be turned to testimony and may every written and spoken word of God concerning you be accomplished speedily in Jesus name. Amen!

Happy New Month Beloveds,
Welcome to September.
Keep flourishing! 💋


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Faith || He Will Perform

Divine strength for the present 
Day by day we are being helped 
Bright hope for the future
We await all that He’s unfolding.

With joy, we draw
With faith and patience, we obtain
In gratitude, we are multiplied
In obedience, we are blessed.

The brand new thing
The double or twice over
The pressed down, shaken together, running over
Much more, the eternal glory that outweighs. 

He will give a flourishing finish
He’s working it all out for our good
Our expectations will not be cut off
God’s integrity is not faulty.

We believe in Him who has promised
His faithfulness endures forever
We are assured He’s able to perform
Not one of His promises will fail.

Yes and Amen!

Keep flourishing! 💋


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Faith || Something Brand New – The Word for the Month of August


Stop dwelling on the past. Don’t even remember these former things.

 I am doing something brand new, something unheard of.

Isaiah 43:18-19a

I realize that as humans, we often have this euphoria feelings about any achievement no matter how old it is. 

It is our nature to want to stick with the old because it’s too good to let go but no one moves forward by dwelling in the past!

Two things the Lord laid in my heart:
1. For everyone who thinks their past accomplishments have been second to none, God says you should forget all those and remember them no more, He says He’s doing something brand new and it is nothing compared to what you’ve seen, handled or achieved before. ‘I am making a nonsense of the former’, that’s what He says.

2. For everyone who has laboured and worked hard just to see things change, even if it’s just a little change but it seems like it’s the same narrative.

God says, forget all the struggles, I am doing something unheard of. Beyond your wildest dreams! I am blazing a trail! I am doing the unimaginable! No eyes have seen it! No mind has conceived. It’s brand new!

I am making a way where you’ve laboured to get a way, I am bringing forth the new.
I am causing doors to open on their own accord, I am bringing you into favour you do not deserve.

This month, there’s something new to look out for irrespective of how well or how bad you’ve done in the past.

And my prayer for everyone who’s at the edge of giving up and earnestly desires a breath of fresh air in whatever and wherever, may you experience the brand new thing God is bringing and more. Amen!

P.S: Don’t forget to ask for God’s help and you will be marvellously helped. Amen.

Welcome to N E W N E S S!✨
Happy New Month.

Keep flourishing! 💋


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