Inspiration || Wisdom Series 3

W I S D O M…

By her kings reign
And princes decree justice
She has been before creation
Set up from the very beginning

She built her house and decorated it
She has prepared a great banquet
Calling everyone for her feast
Those who are interested are welcomed

Dine with her and know her thought
Live with her and live long
Be her friend and be full of insight
Despise her and become a fool.

Keep Flourishing!

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Inspiration || Wisdom Series 2

W I S D O M…

When gotten, you are preserved
When loved, you are kept
When exalted, you are promoted
When embraced, you are honored

In her words, you find light
Leading you in the right paths
Bringing you life when inclined to
And health to all your flesh

Say unto her, you are my sister
For she speaks of excellent things
All her words are in righteousness
Receive her instructions and not finest gold.

Keep Flourishing!

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Inspiration || Wisdom Series 1

W I S D O M…

More profitable than silver
Yields better returns than gold
More precious than rubies
No desired thing can be compared

Got long life by the right
Riches and honor by the left
Got ways of pleasantness
And peaceful paths as well

A tree of life when laid hold on
The fruits bring healing when tasted
Untold blessings when discovered
Also, happiness when retained.

Keep Flourishing!

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Faith || Everyday is the Lord’s Day…REJOICE!

One of the scriptures I say every morning is Psalms 118:24, it says ” This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.”

It dawned on me one morning as I was studying and came across that same scripture that, how many mornings have I actually quoted this same scripture and how many times have I really done what it says?

Haven’t I most times allowed the pressure and hustle, bustle of the day squeeze out the joy and gladness each day brings?

Seriously! So I’ve actually been short changing myself all this while? I never knew!

If you have ever been on this table, you can sure relate. Lol!

Anyways, I have repented and I have began to do as the word of God says. Praise God!

The Lord made each day and it should be our goal to rejoice and be glad in it no matter what may come.

So today, irrespective of what the day brings, remember it is made by the Lord and you have a responsibility to rejoice and be glad in it.

Let nothing take that from you. Nothing at all!

May be someone is asking, how can I rejoice when I’m having a bad day?

Well, we were not told by Apostle Paul to rejoice only when things are going well, but to rejoice ALWAYS! (Philippians 4:4)

Yes! Even in the midst of trials and tribulations, also on a bad day. Rejoice ALWAYS!

Good things do happen on a bad day but you wouldn’t know when good things are happening if you don’t have the right attitude. Yes!

Everyday is the Lord’s day. So REJOICE!
Keep Flourishing!

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Faith || If it is God, it is Good

It can be good and not be God’s will but it can never be God’s will and not be good.

I think you should read that again!

I often say that, sometimes, God doesn’t make sense and so does His will a times. In fact, most times it doesn’t always look like what and how we have imagined it in our minds.

I wish I knew this earlier on in life, I wouldn’t have struggled much and be headstrong with God. Lol! But then He is a loving Father.

See, what looks perfect to you might not be perfect with God. That plan you are trying to execute now, now might not be the right time for it, that person that seem like your chief advisor that never gives one wrong advice might end up being an Ahithophel. (2Sam 17:7)

The scripture says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.”Proverbs 3:6 (NLT)

The truth is life doesn’t go the way we expected but God’s plans are perfect. ALWAYS!

No defect! No mistakes! No inconsistency! God is never wrong!

None of us has an idea of what tomorrow holds even the next minute, but there’s someone who knows.

Doesn’t it make sense to follow the steps of the One who knows?

We can make our plans, but the final outcome is in God’s hands. Proverbs 16:1 (TLB)

Hey! Save yourself the heartache, it is far better to follow God’s will.

Keep Flourishing!

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Faith || Help Will Come

I’ve not lived for so long but I’ve lived for a while to know that human beings are fickle.

They are expected to fail. I mean, it is just a normal thing for arm of flesh to fail.

Remember, the scripture says “cursed are those who put their trust in mere humans, who rely on human strength and turn their hearts away from the LORD.” (Jeremiah 17:5)

The best of man is man but the best of God, no mind can fathom.

No one looks up to God and sees shame. You only enjoy attraction as a result of His brightness on you. (Psalms 34:5)

Every help you have ever received from any man was because the Lord put it in their heart to do.

When you turn to the Lord for help, He will turn men to you. Only look up to God from whom help comes.

Help will come

We will be helped

By the helper Himself

Rest, just rest in Him.

Keep Flourishing!

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Faith || When God Opens the Door, Will You Be Ready To walk Through it?

Hello Beloved,

A quick one! So I was just going about my normal activities for the day when the Holy Spirit laid this in my heart.

When God opens the door, will you be ready to walk through it?

You see, God doesn’t have a problem blessing you, but the question is, do you have the capacity to receive the kind of blessing you are asking for?

Like the Late Prophet’s Wife, how many pots have you got to contain the oil?
Like Abraham, how far can your eyes see?
Like Peter, how strong is your net for the fishes coming?
And like the Apostles, how strong is your boat for the coming storm? Because there will be!

Are you really ready for what 2019 has in store?

No doubt! In 2019, God will present you with opportunities but you must be ready to fit the cap!

Preparation is what precedes manifestation, remember?

Let me encourage you to enlarge the place of your tent and BE PREPARED like the boys scout motto reads. Lol!

Whatever you are believing God for this year, He has the ability to perform every one of them and even surpass them but you must have the capacity to receive them as well.

God doesn’t waste His blessings; you will only be blessed according to your level of capacity to receive.

So let me ask again, are you prepared for the outpouring of God’s blessings this year?

When He opens that door you are asking for, are you ready to walk through it? Selah!

Keep Flourishing!

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Inspiration || W O M A N

The one who was thought of before her creation
The one who had an assignment before her existence
The one who was intentionally created
The one who was specifically made for a purpose

The one with courage and strength
The one with faith and devotion
The one who brings joy, love and peace
The one who is wonderful, witty and wise

The most beautiful creation
The one who loves deeply and fiercely
The one who is of many parts
The most precious gift to the world.

Happy International Women’s Day!🤗

Keep Flourishing!

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Inspiration || All I See is Possibilities – Word for The Month of March

Dear Beloved,

Happy New Month!

Welcome to the third month of the year and I will like to say,  If there’s anything the past few months of this year have taught me, this particular lesson stands out and it is that, the journey might seem dark but there’s always light at the end of every tunnel.

The road might be rough, the route might be long, but as long as you have Jesus on the driver’s seat, even when He turns where you don’t expect a turn or go through a valley that feels dark, you need not to worry about a thing because with Him on the wheel, ANYTHING is POSSIBLE!

Besides, you are just a passenger, whatever happens on the journey, you can trust Him to give you a safe landing.

God cares about every little detail of our lives and with Him nothing, I mean absolutely nothing is impossible.

The fact that things are not working according to your plan doesn’t mean they are not working according to God’s plan. (See Romans 8:28)

There’s nothing termed impossible that’s not possible with God. (Matthew 19:26)

This month, allow God’s plans and purpose to be bigger than your hopes and expectations combined…All things are possible with Him.

It’s March and all I see is POSSIBILITIES!

Welcome to March!
Your Month of Possibilities! Amen.

Keep Flourishing!

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Inspiration || You Are Not a Grasshopper!

Hi Beloved, welcome back!

As you journey into the year, expect to see some giants on the way but your disposition will determine your victory.

The story of the twelve men the Lord asked Moses to send to spy out the land of Canaan in Numbers chapter 13 comes to mind.

The truth is, there will always be oppositions in life! No one goes into a new territory and expects a smooth journey; every new level attracts a new devil!

These men were aware this particular land was part of the lands the Lord has promised to give to them but I guess some of them were expecting to walk into the land without a fight.

Every good gift comes with a price that must be paid; even our Lord Jesus had to pay with His dear life to redeemed us back to God and gave us all things.

So don’t expect to walk into the year 2019 without experiencing some hiccups, challenges, down moments or whatever may represent giant on your way, but the good news is that we have an assurance of victory if we believe we have been made more than conquerors! (Romans 8:37)

source: canva

Twelve men were sent, but only two came back with good reports.
The other men accepted defeat by assuming they weren’t worthy to take what God has promised them, I mean God said He is giving them the land, that’s as good as saying it’s theirs already because God keeps His promises.

I believe God just wanted to test their faith or know their level of confidence in what He has promised but they just didn’t see the land as theirs. Such a pity!

See, if you tolerate a giant, he’ll take over your territory!

The year 2019 is yours for the taking but you also need to face your fears, do it afraid if you have to, doubt your doubts and believe your beliefs.

You are not a grasshopper!

You are well able to take the land!

Keep Flourishing!

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