Inspiration || In God’s Pantry

Everything needed is available
His table spread with provisions
He owns all things
We will lack nothing!

According to His divine power
He has freely given us all things
All things in abundance
No good thing will He withhold!

We can drink from His overflow
We can eat and be satisfied
Our soul will be refreshed
Our spirit will be renewed and body rejuvenated!

He’s got more than enough in His storehouse
Inexhaustible resources and supply
He catered for 3million people for 40years and fed more than five thousand people with a boy’s lunch and there were leftovers
What an immeasurably more God!

The earth and it’s fullness belongs to Him
Silver and gold are His
Cattle on a thousand hills He owns
Manna and meat He’s got and so much more in store!

From His pantry, you can take or refill
Simply ask and you will be given
Genuinely seek and you will find
Gently knock, the door will be opened.


Keep Flourishing! 💋

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Faith || Expect The Miraculous – Word for The Month of August

All through the scriptures, we saw that every miracle that happened had the hand of God in it. Miracles show us how powerful our God is and they help our faith to yet believe in Him for more.

All of the scriptural miracles were beyond human understanding and this points to the fact that God is the source and custodian of all miracles, God is a miracle-working God, in fact, He is miracle Himself, and He does fearful things that men marvel at.

But the good news is, God still does miracles today and God can still give you a miracle if you have faith to believe and receive it.

Job 5:9 says “We cannot understand the great things he does, and to his miracles, there is no end.”
Miracles abound if only we take time to look. God daily gives miracles, His miraculous deeds are inexhaustible.

If you believe God for the impossible, He will do the impossible, there’s nothing you believe God for that He wouldn’t do above and beyond your expectation. The scripture says God is able to do exceeding, abundantly, far above all you can ever ask or think…Ephesian 3:20

God is more than able to surpass your expectations and when that happens, it’s called the miraculous.

Mind you, The level of your faith is determined by the level of the miraculous you experience. Therefore, you can either believe God for something big or settle for less but If I were you, I will choose the former.

This month, as you believe God for the miraculous, may your expectations never be cut short.
May the Lord give you jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, and crowd gathering miracles.
May each day of the month and beyond bring you miracles.

May the Lord cause men to marvel at the occurrences of miracles that He will do in your life.
May you have catalogs of testimonies as a result of God’s wondrous acts in your life.
Everything that seems impossible around you shall be made possible by the miraculous acts of God in display in your life.

Every crooked path shall become straight, every struggle shall come to an end.
Your life shall show forth God’s glory!
That which no eyes have seen, nor ears heard, nor even conceived by any mind will be the order happening around you all through this month and beyond. Amen!

Welcome to August! 💃
Your month of the MiRaCuLoUs!
Expect an everyday miracle!

Keep Flourishing! 💋

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Faith || God Cares About Our Struggles Too

I can be a ‘worrier’ sometimes, I know what the scripture says about it but I still find myself being worried about some things I don’t even have control over.

So some days ago, I had to share my worries with my husband and I was expecting him to go all the lovey-dovey like ‘baby, you don’t have to worry, God is in control‘ but he did what didn’t even occur to me, he prayed!

One of the things he prayed about was declaring God’s peace to saturate my heart, he literally placed his hand on my heart and cursed every spirit of apprehension or anxiety. While he was praying, the Holy Spirit brought to my reminder, Philippians 4:6-7 and the scripture made more sense than ever.

This act of love from my beloved husband speaks so much volume to me than the usual hugs and kisses. Thanks, Babe, it’s always been a pleasure doing life with you. (Pardon my muchiness) Lol!

I said all of the above to say that God does care about the struggles in our lives too, and no detail is too insignificant to take to Him in the place of prayer.

Even though some of us try to pity God by feeling He must be busy taking care of the weightier things and we shouldn’t be bothering Him about some trivial issues. Yet, it is dangerous to do everything and forget to do the most important thing – PRAYER!

If you consider anything to be a problem at all or whatsoever you think isn’t even worth thinking about, take it to God in prayer. He is always available to listen and answer, you only need to call. Even if you have control over the issues, taking it to God in prayer is still the right thing to do.

You can pray about EVERYTHING! I mean anything at all and you can be sure of peace, comfort, and answers from God! So, go ahead and talk to God about that issue of concern right where you are and anyhow you feel to express it. 😘

He cares about E V E R Y detail of our lives and He’s willing to be involved and bring us outstanding victory. Amen! Be strengthened! 🤗

Keep Flourishing!

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Inspiration || God Doesn’t Make Mistakes, He Makes MASTERPIECES!

Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it, What makest thou?
Can a sheep say to the shepherd don’t watch over me?
Like clay in the hand of the potter so are we in God’s hands
As a shepherd looks after his sheep, so does God look out for us.

The truth is, God can find you wherever you are and make of you whomever He will
Because only Him truly knows where you are or who you should be
He is your Maker, He can make something great out of your life.

See, when the Potter have His way in your life
He turns you into a showpiece
Even when you don’t understand His hand, His heart can be trusted.

God is over all and can do as He pleases
Whether we understand His actions or not
We have this assurance, God doesn’t make mistakes
He only makes M A S T E R P I E C E S!

Keep Flourishing!

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Marriage || Keep Watering Your Grass

One of the major lessons I have learnt in my very short time of being married is to keep watering your grass.

Keep being intentional about first, honoring God in your marriage and then second, loving and caring for your spouse without restrictions.

Yes! When they make you feel good and even when you feel like dropping hot coal on their head. Lol!

Marriage is sweet but it takes intentional contributions of both spouses. Marriage is divine and must be operated by divine principles.

God has a purpose for marriage, a bigger purpose that must be fulfilled, so you see why both spouses have a part to play.

I remember one of my written goals for this year is to intentionally take care of my husband, I mean I just want to honour God in my marriage no matter what and each time it looks like I’m straying, I remind myself of this goal.

Look, I am not saying I’m a perfect wife or I have a perfect marriage but I have chosen to be an intentional wife, it’s a decision I made and God has since then made sufficient grace available to me.

So, either my husband makes me feel good or not, I am responsible for my actions and committed to honouring God with them, and I believe consistently playing my part, in turn, leads to perfection because effort is being made.

However, I am very much aware that no two marriages are the same but as long as you keep watering your grass, you will not have to envy your neighbour’s lawn.

It’s important to note that the ultimate goal is that God should be glorified in your marriage and that requires honoring Him by putting in your quota.

Till your ground!
Water your grass!
Keep dancing!
Keep honoring God, above all!

May your marriage never stop being a pointer to Jesus. Amen.

Keep Flourishing!

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Inspiration || Faithful is He Who Has Promised

Anticipate with pleasure
Wait expectantly
Hope with confidence
Faithful is He who has promised!

Be brave! Stay strong!
Don’t give up!
Remain hopeful!
Faithful is He who has promised!

Though it tarries, wait for it
Though it seems delayed
Keep waiting patiently
For He that promised is faithful!

In your waiting, strength is renewed
Grace will be multiplied
Your patience will be rewarded
Faithful is He who has promised!

His words don’t return void
He watches over them to perform
His promises shall be fulfilled
He who has promised is faithful!

Keep Flourishing! 💋

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Faith || H O P E – Word for The Month of July

And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love. Romans 5:5 (NLT)

The word ‘HOPE’ means to trust in, wait for, look for, or desire something or someone; or to expect something beneficial in the future.

Abraham was a man who showed us what it means to hope and have faith in the promises of God until they manifest. The scripture says he staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God. (See Romans 4:20)

God has promised that those who wait for/on him will not be disappointed and He is able to bring about the realization of one’s hopes. So, we have an assurance of His unfailing, reliable, dependable words!

I don’t know that particular thing which you are or you’ve been trusting and believing God for and it seems not coming forth, I’m here to encourage you to wait on God hopefully, expectantly, patiently, believing in your heart that He who has promised is faithful.

 Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. Hebrews 10:23 (NKJV)

Like Abraham, believe in hope against hope because hope will not disappoint.

So this month, I pray for you that
You will not lose hope in that which God has promised you,
You will not waver at His promises,
Your faith will remain strong, it will not fail,
You will abound in hope and be filled with all joy and peace in believing
You will rejoice in hope and your heart will be filled with God’s love
And that you will see the manifestation of that which you have hoped for in Jesus name, Amen.

Happy New Month Beloveds!
Welcome to Joyous July!
I am so excited about this month!

Yes! We Believe! We Rejoice! We Keep Hope Alive!
Keep Flourishing!

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Inspiration || Salt and Light

Hi Guys,
So I had a speaking engagement earlier today and I preached from Matthew 5:13-16.

I talked about the symbolism of salt and light and listed some characteristics of each of them and how they relate to us as Christians.

Worthy of note is How To Shine Our Light As Christians:

1. Do Not Hide Your Light
We’ve been called to be light bearers! We cannot shine our light when it is hidden and when our light isn’t shining, men can’t see our good works and when our good works are not seen, our lives can’t bring glory to God. God is light and He is not to be kept a secret!

2. Talk and Share Your Faith
People should know what you carry…LIGHT! When we share our faith, we are simply spreading the light.

3. Light Other People’s Candle
We shine brightest when we are all lit.

4. Live a Life That Glorifies God
Living our lives for God brings Him glory and our light is a reflection of God’s light. So, when we get it right with Him, He shines through us.

The summary:
You are the light of the world
You’ve been anointed to illuminate
You are the salt of the earth
You’ve been assigned to preserve

As a preserver, stand on the watch for the lost
As a flavor, sweeten and add savor
As light, shine and brighten the world
You’ve been made a blessing to the world

You have been saved to shine
You have been transformed to inform
You have been helped to uphold others
You have been restored to strengthen

Hide not but shine your light so brightly
Influence and make an impact on others
Let men see your good works and not words
Let your life bring glory to your heavenly Father.

Keep Flourishing!

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Faith || Go for ‘D E Z Z A’!

I wrote part of this writeup a year ago but I suddenly started having this nudge in my spirit to repost it here, so I decided to add more flesh to it. I’m sure it will bless you and be a timely message for someone, I feel that so strong in my spirit. Keep reading and be blessed…😘

My husband and his siblings usually refer to anything original or good stuff as ‘dezza’ from the word ‘designer’. Lol! I don’t know how that came to be or the story behind it, I’ve not asked anyway, but what I know is that my eldest brother in-l(aw)ove has always been known to love anything ‘dezza‘. Oh yeah!😁

We all know anything from him can’t be short of good quality and value. He is one very fine and stylish pastor who doesn’t in any way go for nothing but the very best. No matter the price, he would rather wait than have anything short of quality.

I shared the above story to say that, God has not in any way called us to settle for less. He’s got the very best in store for us.

Often times, we allow pressure and other people’s opinion blind us from seeing our real worth, forgetting we have been bought with a very huge price which is the blood of Jesus.

You are priceless! Your worth is far above rubies! Don’t allow the devil to tell you otherwise, God’s plans for you aren’t secondhand, His purpose for you isn’t of less importance.

God’s plans and purpose for you are chassis and so does the gifts He has in store for you. They are custom-made for you alone. They are specific to you, they are nothing short of the very best. Do not allow anything to move you away from the essence of what God made you… A king! (See Genesis 1:28 )

When you understand the importance of your uniqueness and the value God has placed on you, you will not in any way settle for less either in marriage, career or whatsoever.

The scripture says “Every gift God freely gives us is good and perfect.” {James 1:17a (TPT)}
Every gift God gives is first good and then perfect, no defect! No blemish! Anything perfect can’t be secondhand or used now! Abi?

So why do you want to settle for less in that relationship because you feel your marriage clock is ticking? Why do you want to stay on that job when it’s not adding any value or growth to you in any way? Why do you think you don’t deserve the good, perfect and chassis gift?

Over time, I realized it is a lack of faith in God that makes us settle or want to settle for less in any way and I think it is ungodly and unwise to feel or think God is not capable of taking care of you or you’re not worth receiving the very best gift from God.  If we trust God enough to sort us out in our life’s journey, we will begin to build our faith and patiently wait for Him to bring us the best at every phase.

If God is interested in the grass of the field, the birds of the air, how much more you that He made to be the head of all His creations? He definitely has your best interest at heart.

So, go for ‘D E Z Z A’!
God’s got the best in store for you!
Don’t settle for less!
Only wait on Him!

Keep Flourishing!

PS: I started a 10book (or more) in 30days challenge for this month of June, and I’ve had some friends join me. This is exactly 1 book every 3days and so far, we’ve endeavored to stick with this plan even in our tight or busy schedules. The journey has been very impactful and we are halfway done. Yippee! 💃

Anyway, you can still join us on this challenge if you wish to, your preferred list of books is allowed or see the list of books we are reading here.

We also have an accountability group on WhatsApp, if you wish to join us for review and follow-up, you can do so here.

Let’s smash some reading goals this month together. Yes! 💪

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Inspiration || Mighty Man of Valor

Oh! Mighty man of valor!
You don’t think that’s you?
You feel unworthy and unqualified?
But He says that’s who you are

He sees beyond your present status
He calls you mighty in your weakness
He calls you great even in your smallness
He sees a warrior even in your cowardice

Yes! You mighty man of valor!
The Lord of host is right with you
You shall be greatly helped 
Go in this power of yours

Your skills or ability are not needed
Only your obedience is required
Forget about your doubts and fears
He will surely see you through it all

You’ve been equipped for good works
Great grace has been unleashed
Victories and triumphs are assured
Peace roundabout is guaranteed.


Keep Flourishing!

PS: I started a 10book (or more) in 30days challenge for this month of June, and I’ve had some friends join me. This is exactly 1 book every 3days and so far, we’ve endeavored to stick with this plan even in our tight or busy schedules. The journey has been very impactful and we are almost done with book 3. Yippee! 💃

Anyway, you can still join us on this challenge if you wish to, your preferred list of books is allowed or see the list of books we are reading here

We also have an accountability group on WhatsApp, if you wish to join us for review and follow-up, you can do so here.

Let’s smash some reading goals this month together. Yes! 💪

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