Inspiration || Faithful Is He Who Promised – Word for The Month of December

Talo dabi, talo dabi, Olorun mi
(Who is like my God)
Talo dabi Olorun mi
(Who is like my God)
To se ileri to mu ileri se
(He who makes a promise and keeps the promise)

As I was praying and asking God for the word for the new mouth, two mornings ago, I woke up with the above song (the Nathaniel Bassey Version with the trumpet).

Sometimes, I don’t know if it is the same for other people but it happens to me and I don’t joke with such things as waking up with scriptures or songs (old or new), they are sometimes, ways by which God speaks clearly to me, that’s by the way!

As I was saying, I woke up with the song and I found myself singing this song for the whole day and even till this moment. In this song is embedded the word for this month of December.

As I was singing and meditating on this song, a lot of scriptures began to flood my heart at the same time.

Look, God’s promises are unfailing, we serve the One who is too faithful to fail! All through scriptures, I am yet to find one person who God made a promise to and He didn’t fulfill. Not one! None at all!

Looking at the life of some patriarchs, we saw that everything God promised them, He fulfilled. Our God doesn’t and cannot lie, the scripture says that by two immutable things in which it was impossible for God to lie. (Hebrews 6:18)

Whatever it is that God has promised you and it seems to be delayed, hold sis! Wait a little more bro! God faithfully keeps His promises! (1Corinthains 1:9a) He is a God of process, He is a God of times and seasons.

The times and seasons may change because God’s ways are not our ways but His words do not change! His promises are yes and amen! For He who promised is reliable and trustworthy and faithful to His word. (Hebrews 10:23)

So this month I pray for you and me that like Abraham, we will not stagger at the promises of God, we will patiently endure and wait to obtain all of His promises to us.

Like the house of Israel, we will testify that not one of all the good promises that the LORD had made to us failed, everything was fulfilled for us.

Above all, the Lord will crown the year with a bountiful harvest for us, that even the hard pathways will overflow with abundance. Amen!

Happy New Month Beloveds,
Welcome to December!
Keep flourishing! 💋


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Faith || The Last Minute Miracle

In the nick of time
When time is almost up
He will show up and show out
He will bring in the desired miracle!

He does so, so we’ll know for sure it wasn’t our brilliance or our great plans or even our hard work that brought about the miracle but His outstretched arm!

God is not finished with you
Don’t throw in the towel yet
Don’t wash your net yet
Don’t pack your bags just yet!

He’s coming through for you
Even if it is at the very last minute
Our God is never late
He will be right there on time!

He who oversees the entire world
Still, has the time to miraculously meet your needs
Irrespective of who you are, He is mindful of you
If you do not doubt, miracles will be made manifest.

Keep flourishing 💋

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Inspiration || Redeemed Remade Beautified

Wretched and forsaken
Rejected and forgotten
Messed up and broken
Battered or beaten?

He wouldn’t judge you by your past
He doesn’t describe you by that
He wouldn’t even remember it
He’ll give you a new name

You’ll be found and forgiven
You’ll be redeemed and remade
You’ll be transformed from within out
You’ll be wholly made whole

From the miry clay to the solid rock
From pit to the palace
From grass to grace
He’ll change your story

His love and grace will pursue you
His compassion will chase you down
His goodness and mercy will follow you
You’ll be clothed with His B E A U T Y

Just come as you are! Amen.

Keep flourishing! 💋

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Faith || Trusting God’s Ways: Believing God is Good Even When We Don’t Get What We Want

There are things I’ve desperately asked God for this year and I didn’t get them, not because of my lack of faith but for work of patience and trust.

I remember a particular month when all my prayers were just ‘Lord, please give me a miracle!’ 

But I only got the miracle of learning delayed gratification, a miracle of knowing the goodness of God even when what I wanted wasn’t granted. 

Moreover, we can only pray, we cannot tell God when and how He chooses to answer our prayers.

Our walk with God is a walk of faith! And faith breeds patience and hope and strength!

The truth is, I felt very bad, I was disappointed and I grieved but I learnt to accept God’s ways knowing that His ways are designed as much for my good as they are for His glory!

Sometimes, God takes us through the longer route so we can learn to trust Him through the process. He develops us through this process that transforms us, I guess perhaps, I wasn’t ready for that blessing I was asking for so God needed to begin some work in me. Glad I’m yielding!

I said all of that to say this, whatever season you’re going through, learn the lessons the Lord is teaching you, receive it with an open heart. He’s not a wicked God, He knows what’s best for us and even if we throw some tantrums, His sovereignty is not dependent on how we feel anyway, lol!

More importantly, He wants to draw us nearer to Himself, and prepare/develop us for the glory ahead.

Everything God does is strategic! Looking at the life of Joseph, we saw how God took him through all those life’s seasons at His pace, in His time and His ways just to make him a prime minister.

So, with God, the end result is always worth the wait!

God’s timing is flawless, His ways are perfect and His plans are always better than ours! We only need to trust Him!

Be strengthened!
Keep Flourishing!💋

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Inspiration || Experiencing The Goodness of God – Word for The Month of November

The Lord, the Lord God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abounding in goodness and truth. (Exodus 34:6)

Please note the word ‘abounding’
It means exceeding, generous, superabundant, it means the goodness of God exists in large amounts…

I wrote about how good God is in my last blog post, you can read it here

This is what the Lord has been impressing on my heart lately and I believe He’s ready to manifest Himself in this area like never before in our lives this month and beyond.

No matter how fast the year might be coming to a close and it seems nothing has worked for you or your goals for the year are yet to be met or look unreachable, I will encourage you to still see the goodness of God in everything that’s happening in your life and around you, know that whatever the Lord does is good, there’s no shadow of turning with Him, every good and perfect gift comes from Him. (James 1:17)

Also, know that the very essence of God is His goodness, it is one of His attributes, and it also describes who He is by nature, God is inherently good! Nothing more, nothing else!

So whatever that’s happening in your life presently doesn’t reduce who God is. But appreciating His seen and unseen goodness in your life will rather make things better. If you look closely, you will see that there is one major thing God has done for you this year if not all and that’s LIFE! He has preserved you, only the living can make plans or set goals. So cheer up and be thankful for the goodness of God you have enjoyed this far!

I pray for you that this month…

May you taste and see the goodness of God
May you encounter the goodness of God afresh
May you experience it more before the year ends
May you express it all the days of your life

May the Lord show you His goodness like never before
May good things never cease in your life and family
May you experience the outstretched arms of the good Lord
May His goodness chase you every day of this month and beyond
May your life prove that, indeed, He is good!

Happy New Month Beloveds!💃
Welcome to November!
Keep Flourishing!💋

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Faith || God Is Good

God is Good…
Our experience doesn’t change who He is
Our situation or life circumstances cannot either
He is God when things are going well and even when they are not
He is, always has been and always will be, Good.

God is good…
When the tornado of life swirls around you
When the storms of life are raging
When the world hurls you like a ship upon the sea
Even in the midst of trials and tribulations.

God is a good God…
Our ability or inability doesn’t change who is He
Goodness is who He is! He cannot be something He isn’t
He remains God in every situation, nothing alters the fact that He is good
In the darkest of nights and the flashes of the morning.

God is God…
His goodness is immeasurable and His thoughts toward us are of good
His heart is kind, His mercy is unfailing and His faithfulness endures forever
He wouldn’t let anything bad happen to us unless something good was going to come out of it
He reveals His glory through the suffering He allows in our lives.

God is good…
Our minds cannot even comprehend the breadth and the depth of His goodness
His goodness is far greater than we can unravel
And even when we cannot understanding why some things happen, we can rest in the assurance that, everything He does is good
No matter what is going on in your life, there will always be a spur to remember the goodness of God.

God is good…
He’s got a purpose for every season and occurrence in our lives
He is too good to lead us astray
He has our life’s journey all well planned out
When we see in His light, we experience His goodness. Amen!

Keep Flourishing! 💋

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Inspiration || WATCH ME

Watch Me split the sea for you to walk on dry land
Watch Me shut the mouth of lions that surround you
Watch Me calm the raging sea and all your fears disappear
Watch Me break the prison gate for your freedom

If I’ve done for one, I can do for another
If I’ve done some before, I can again do many more
I AM the same forever, I change not
Yesterday, today, tomorrow and till eternity

Watch Me take over your battle and give you victory
Watch Me turn your secret tears to public laughter
Watch Me give you beauty for ashes
Watch Me make you a showpiece

Just like Jacob or Saul, I will give you a new name
Like Jabez or Esther, I am still able to rewrite your story
Is it like Jephthah or Gideon?  I can make a great man out of you
I will overturn and overturn until it’s your turn.

Watch Me make a king out of your shepherd boy
Watch Me dethrone king for your enthronement
Watch Me bless you and make you a blessing
Be still and know that I am Lord! Just Watch Me!

Keep Flourishing! 💋

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Faith || W A I T! – Word for The Month of October

Sometimes last week, the Lord said to me, “Oluwadamilola, I know you feel frustrated, tired and want to give up on everything but before you do that, wait! Wait on Me, I am working! Even if you cannot see it yet, I am up to something, just wait for me, wait patiently.”

Guess what? I cried my eyes out!

See, I know and I just don’t know it by reading it from a book, I have been there a lot of times, I have seen and experienced what it means to wait on the Lord for a particular season to end and a new one to begin.

The scripture tells us in Romans 8:25 that “But if we must keep trusting God for something that hasn’t happened yet, it teaches us to wait patiently and confidently.”

I agree that the season of waiting is a very tough one, it is not for the faint-hearted, it takes faith to wait, waiting requires patience and patience is a virtue that is developed over time but the good news is waiting can be more beneficial when we wait aright on God while He’s working all things out in our favor at the secret place which of course, we cannot see, and just because we cannot see it with our physical eyes doesn’t mean the Lord isn’t working on our behalf.

Life won’t always be like this, this season will not last forever, trust me, we just need to patiently wait on the Lord. Our waiting is part of the process of becoming what He wants us to be.

I believe our waiting period is a tool in God’s hands and when we get to the fullness of the appointed time, we will see how the period of waiting fitted into His plans for us. Waiting is not wasting, we are only being prepared for what’s to come.

God’s timing is flawless and even though it may not reflect our expectations but we must practice patience and trust His perfect knowledge of the time required for us to get to our next season.

I encourage you to wait and wait aright! Remember, only those who wait enjoy the renewal of strength. (Isaiah 40:31) And it takes faith and patience to inherit the promise. (Hebrews 6:12b)

This month, I pray for you that your strength never fails, you will be patient enough for the Lord to work through your waiting season. You will not throw in the towel before your appointed time of blessing and when your long-awaited season comes, it will be worth the wait. Amen.

Happy New Month Beloveds!
Welcome to October!

Keep Flourishing! 💋

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Inspiration || The Presence of Yahweh – The Word for the Month of April

The presence of the YHWH…

Turned a desert into pools of water
Dryland was made into flowing springs
Showing His Almightiness with His presence
Where God is, signs and wonders transpire.

The sea observed and fled, even Jordan turned back
The mountains skipped like rams before Him
The little hills ran like lambs at His sight
The whole earth trembles at His presence.

Nothing is immovable before His majestic presence
Walls fall down and rivers turn into dry land
His presence brings order into any chaotic situation
His presence brings fullness of joy and life forevermore.

There’s nothing we should seek more than the presence of God
The ultimate blessing we need is the gift of His presence
Lord, give us all of it, withholding nothing at all
We take all of it so we can be all of You.

One thing we must chase after this month is the manifest presence of God! With it, our lives blossom and every other thing falls in place supernaturally.

My prayer is that for every one of us that will genuinely seek the Lord this month, we shall find Him and our lives will never remain the same in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Happy New Month Beloveds
Welcome to April💃
The Month of His Presence
Exodus 33:15-23

Keep flourishing! 💋


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Faith || Olugbala Wa – Our Deliverer

The Lion and the Lamb
The Eagle and the Dove
The Son of Man and the Lord King
The Ox and the Savior.

Proclaim the triumph of the Lion of the tribe of Judah
Worship the Lamb that was slain for us
Honor Him who became man yet remained God
Magnify the sacrificing Savior who thought us worthy to be delivered.

He who came to reveal and redeem
He who rescues and restores
He who heals and makes whole
He who reigns and rules forever.

The Word and the Way
The Light and the Life
The Rock and the Redeemer
The Truth and the True Vine.

Word of life that shows us the Way
Light that brings us life eternal
Rock of ages that delivers
Your truth sets free and births a fruitful life.

You reign sovereign overall, our King!
Come save and deliver again
Remember Your promises oh Lord!
Have mercy and heal our land!

We cry and we plead oh, Lord!
Your compassion fails not
Come save and deliver us yet again
Olugbala wa! Come! Our deliverer!

Yes! He will yet again save and deliver!

Keep flourishing! 💋


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Inspiration || Oh! How He Loves Me

I am loved by Love Himself
His outstretched arm saved me
In His embrace, I am comforted
In His everlasting love, I rest

Love so deep and wide
Many waters can’t quench it
No rivers can sweep it away
It burns like a blazing fire

A tsunami of love He unleashed
Not destructive but constructive
Healing and mending broken hearts
Casting out all my fears and doubts

Oh! how He loves me
Faultlessly and completely
Specifically and Specially
I am My Father’s beloved. 💃

Keep flourishing! 💋


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Faith || God, Our Sufficiency – The Word for The Month of March

Your wisdom is unsearchable
Your knowledge is unfathomable
Your ways are past finding out
Your vastness is not new or ancient.

You held the oceans in Your hands
You measure the heavens with Your ruler
Fountain of life, that had no fount
From which itself could flow.

You pick up the island as though they had no weight at all
Your life has never grown or diminished
No time can measure out Your days
Life that creates life and gives life.

You who sits above the circles of the earth
You stretch the heavens like a curtain and make Your tent from them
No space can make Your throne
Father of lights with whom is no variableness

Sufficiency of all-sufficient
The One who never runs dry or be exhausted
All our needs today, tomorrow and eternity
Your sufficiency is enough!

God is the source of all things!
He is our sufficiency!
All that you will ever need or be can be found in Him! ALL!

May you walk in the fullness of this truth this month, amen!
Welcome to March! 💃

Happy New Month Beloved! 🎉

Keep flourishing! 💋


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Inspiration || In Exchange for What?

In exchange for obedience
Sworn generational blessings were given
A long-awaited promise was fulfilled
Generations afterward became blessed.

For just a morsel of meat
Spiritual promise of God’s blessings was lost
Birthright twice an inheritance was taken
Sold in exchange for an untamed appetite.

The cross was endured and shame despised
Obedient unto death, even death of the cross
Bringing many sons and daughters to glory
Life eternal was granted to all who believed.

What will it then profit a man if he gains the whole world yet loses his soul?
If a man will give his wealth for his life
Another gave all he had for a valuable pearl
What will you give in exchange for your soul?

What are you living for?
The seen or unseen?
Ephemeral or eternal?
Moment or hereafter?

What will a man give in exchange for his soul?
The value of your soul is immeasurable!
Its treasure will never lose their value,
Nor become obsolete or fade

But if you lose your soul, you have lost everything. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G!

So, in exchange for what?

There is an eternal purpose behind life and only accomplished through Jesus Christ.
Won’t you surrender to Him and let Him live through you?
It will be worth it even in life to come.

Selah! (Pause and think about it)


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Inspiration || Be Still Oh My Soul!

He is the Lord of peace
The prince of peace
He is peace

His peace He leaves with us
Not as the world gives
To guard our hearts and minds

He is our peace
In Him we found peace
He speaks peace still

My soul be still
Know that He is God
My soul take rest
In the prince of peace

He’s bringing victory
He promised triumph
He is the giver of peace
Find rest oh my soul!

Trust Him even in the storm
Know He is in full control
Rest in His faithful promises!
He’ll be with you till the end! 🙌

Amen and Amen! 🙏

Keep flourishing! 💋


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Love || Happy Valentine’s Day

That our hearts may be flooded with Your love
That we may truly really dwell in love
That our lives will express Your love
That men will be loved by the love You’ve shed in our hearts.

That we may be able to comprehend,
The fullness of Your perfect love for us
That it secures our pathway to life eternal, and
The joy knowing how much we are loved by You.

That the level of Your love is beyond…
The height that’s higher than mountains
The depth that’s deeper than the deepest ocean
The length and breadth that’s stretches to the farthest horizon

Your heart is full of affection for us
You jealously watch over us
You satisfy our deepest hunger
We’re so grateful for Your unfailing love. 🙌

Happy Valentine’s Day Beloveds! 💝
God has never quit loving us and He promised to never will. 🙌
Yes! God is crazily in love with us. 😍
Keep flourishing! 💋


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Faith || The Altar of Prayer.

One thing we must all pay rapt attention to while expecting an answer from God at the place of prayer is prescription.
Yes! To avoid guesswork even after we have labored on the altar of prayer.

When God gives an idea, He has a strategy in place, don’t just get the idea and forget to ask for the strategy.
Remember, it is only the questions asked that God answers.

Most times, we get the idea and go on to work with our own strategy, and when the idea fails, we shift the blame to God, forgetting it is not our idea in the first place, it belongs to God and only Him as the blueprint of the execution plan.

You know when a doctor gives prescriptions on drug and it’s not well followed, the case could become worsen also, a sumptuous meal could become a poison if the recipe is not followed.

God has a divine pattern for every instruction He gives, failure to follow the prescription may lead to disasters but when the prescriptions are followed to the letter, the end result brings success.

Case studies:
1. Noah – He had a pattern to follow (Genesis 6:14–16) and the building of an ark became a success without any background in engineering or architecture.

2. Moses – God gave precise instructions on how every instruction was to be carried out (Exodus 25)
God told him, “And see to it that you make them according to the pattern which was shown you on the mountain.” (Vs 40)
See, God is very interested in details.

3. Joshua – The strategy that brought down the walls of Jericho wouldn’t have been anything short of divine. (Joshua 6)

So as you pray for ideas, directions, etc, also ask for strategies and prescriptions, and be still enough (farabale) to note every detail.

The foolishness of God is greater than any man’s wisdom. Selah!

Keep flourishing! 💋


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Faith || Great Grace — The Word for The Month of February

I struggled with the theme of this month, I don’t know why I kept arguing with the Lord saying, it’s February, give me a love-related theme! Like I have a say? Oh! Lord have mercy!

But here we are! I finally obeyed. But wait a minute! What is even love without grace? Do you get?

It’s the year of the Lord! So, we will be needing His grace, sufficient enough to take us through and He’s promised to release the same unto us greatly.

Grace is part of God’s personality, it is His nature, it is who He is. That means God is giving us an abundance of Himself. Glory!

When grace is at work in a man’s life, it means God is the one at work and when God is at work in a man’s life, that man ceases from struggles, he enjoys supernatural help, things begin to work for him on their own accord, he is sustained by his faith in God. Amen!

So this month, I pray for you and me that great measure of God’s grace will rest on us and we will be that man or woman.

Like Stephen (Acts 6:8), we will be full of God’s grace and power and we will do great wonders and jaw-dropping things that bring glory to God. Amen.

Happy New Month Beloveds! 🎉
Welcome to February! 💃
Your month of Great Grace. 🙌

Keep flourishing! 💋


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Inspiration || Strength That Outruns Chariots

Who has heard such a thing
That a man outruns chariot
Who has seen such a wonder

It is with the supernatural power of Yahweh
Generated in the place of prayer
With it, we do the impossible

Our feet are made like the hinds
We run without stopping for rest
We are never weary or sleepy

We mount up wings like Eagles
We walk and never fainting
We are never stumbling

He is the wind beneath our wings
In His might, we go
In His strength, we are never exhausted

Sufficient grace is made available
Power is made perfect in weakness
Our strength is continuously renewed. ♥

The Lord said to me that He’s releasing strength that outruns chariots. But two things:
  1. Don’t settle for less thinking your strength is little, God is releasing more than the natural strength to accomplish and do the humanly impossible things.
  2. Don’t rely on your own strength thinking you’ve got things under control, you will be worn out and exhausted. Besides, our greatest strength means nothing without God.
It is possible to rise above our limitations when we know it is only God that enables us to do the impossible, and when we rely on His sovereignty, He brings us the victory.
Keep flourishing! 💋

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