Marriage || My 3rd Wedding Anniversary Note

The past three years have been filled so much love, laughter and contentment but the truth be told, it hasn’t been all round smooth years, we’ve had some downs too, somehow we survived living under the same roof without removing each other’s teeth (Lol!) even though I couldn’t help my own sharp mouth sometimes (sorry, all the time) and Sinmisola’s gentle and quiet demeanour will not stop making me get angry the more.

Isn’t it amazing how the things that used to attract you in a person could sometimes infuriate you? Smh!

I know you’re here to feel mushy but marriage is not all about the mushiness, marriage is real work!

So permit me to share with you first, the wisdom from the three major lessons I learnt in my 3years of being married to my best friend of almost 13years, whew!

Marriage is a revealer and an eye-opener, quick advice to my single brethren, you can’t fight successfully on every front, so choose your battle wisely, please do! Every marriage has a story behind the glory, don’t get it twisted. 

1. I learnt that Sinmisola is not my number one, God is!

I am first known, loved, and chosen by God before Sinmisola, in fact, God loved me before meeting me but Sinmisola only loved me after meeting me and I can’t guarantee that his love for me has been hundred percent stable over the years but Abba’s love for me has been and hasn’t for once wavered.

Also because my relationship with God will determine the quality of my marriage with Sinmisola. The closer I get to God, the closer he also gets, (as we seek God together) the closer He draws us to each other.

I’ve taken it more seriously and always striving to grow in my walk with Abba, it defines a whole lot of things for my life and especially my marriage.

Trying to seek what only God can do for me from my spouse has always left a hole in my heart, so I’ve learnt to seek God first and above all else.

Even when we are having it rough, I’ve learnt to take it to God, a lot of times I cry but I’ve always left the place of communion with my Father strengthened, refreshed and feeling better.

So, it’s safe to say Sinmisola is my number two!

2. I learnt it’s okay to fight but fight fair and healthy.

Conflict in any marriage is inevitable (btw, you should be worried if I come here to say we never fight) because there are no two human beings that can be exactly the same way, so I agree that trying to make Sinmisola act like me was lame in the first instance!

I’ve known him for 13years and I still haven’t fully learnt what communication really means to him, (it has been a struggle but I believe there will be a breakthrough soon) and that makes me talk a lot and most times, I say what I didn’t mean and intended to. What a shame right? But I’m not ashamed to say it. 

Marriage is a journey and not a destination, it okay to learn as we go. Each phase of the journey will unfold itself. It’s the basic truth! My truth!

We chose to be together after all, so the responsibility to make it work lies with us.

It will be foolishness to want to win individually when you can win together, so fighting fair and healthy is better.

Fun fact: I’ve always refused to do anything for Sinmisola whenever we are fighting but he does everything for me. I know it’s wrong but I’m repenting. Lol!

3. I’ve learnt to forgive both the seemingly little and the seriously serious offences.

The seemingly little offences are the things that should’ve been overlooked in the first place but you can’t help but talk about it because you refused to let it go.

Even though I committed to forgiving everything and anything at all before we got married, marriage taught me the reality. It is not as easy as it seems but my heart is being worked on by the Holy Ghost, daily!

So, nothing Sinmisola does that can’t be forgiven! It’s a resolution I made before I became joined with him in marriage. I decided to practice advance forgiveness, this has helped me a lot. It has protected my sanity and helped maintain my peace.

I am aware it may get hard sometimes but knowing I can as well enjoy such generosity and compassion from God at any time gives me the courage to move on.

Oh! So you thought he’s a perfect man, he does no wrong abi! Yinmu! Let’s not even start! Lol! He’s a gentleman though but he do steps on my toes. #OfcourseYes!

To some people, these offences are never any big deal but they are deal-breaker for me.

Above all, I’m thankful we’ve not failed God, one of the critical questions we have often asked each other has been ‘Is God Pleased?’

Also, taking this as an assignment from God has been a priority, even when it gets hard along the way, we know God will always make available the grace required for the journey so, I’m grateful for grace and sustenance.

Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary My Favourite Man,

You’re one person I really like and love at the same time.
It comes naturally for me even in my anger, I  like you.

When you decide to drain all the love you filled in my love tank by yourself, I still get along somehow because I like you.

I love how genuine and real you always get with God. It’s rare! I don’t get to see such around, a lot of people mask it but you don’t, you never did.

I love your amazing personality, it annoys me some times though. #Straightface

I love your heart the most, your acts of service are next to none! Thank you for always being a true servant leader.

I love how kind you are and of course how handsome you look.

May our love flame keep burning forever
May our hearts be made in one always
May our 3foldcord never be easily broken.

When life gets hard, may we find the courage to press on
When hope deferred, may our faith be strengthened
When there is no new song, let’s swing to the melody in our hearts.

Grow old along with me baby
When our eyes are dim and steps are slow
Let’s keep loving and dancing into our twilight years.

I love you forever and a day more. ❤

P.S: I had a nudge in my spirit to pray:

Thank you Lord for Your beautiful idea and institution called marriage, I pray for every married person reading this, may your marriage forever bring glory to Abba, may your love for each other never wax cold, may you constantly follow and be taught of the Lord and great shall your peace be, amen! 

Remember to always keep God at the centre and don’t fight dirty. 

For every troubled home, I speak peace into your affairs, I declare your home is restored by the outstretched arm of Yahweh! 

The will of God for you is to enjoy yourselves, you will no longer fight each other, rather you will be held by the Lord to fight together and have victory over the devil who’s trying to kill your joy, steal your home and destroy your love, he has no place in your home anymore and his enterprise is abolished in Jesus matchless name, amen!

Do seek godly counsel if you need to.

For everyone trusting the Lord for marital settlement, I declare you shall find and be found, you will not miss God’s will for you, you will not ‘miss-marry‘, there shall be a supernatural orchestration and divine meeting that will culminate in a glorious settlement for you and very soon, we shall rejoice with you in Jesus name, amen!

BTW, if you came here to read anniversary note, do endeavour to read other blog posts too, I am assured you will be richly blessed by them as well.  

Thank you and God bless you.

Keep flourishing! 💋


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Inspiration || The Scriptural Guidelines for Setting the Right Goals – Part 1

There’s nothing that pertains to our lives that can’t be found in the word of God. The word of God is complete!

Whatever it is, it is right there in the scripture, all we need is to search for it and apply it as appropriate to us.

So, as we journey into the year, it is expected that we seek the face of God as regards our plans or goals for the year.

And except the Lord has given you instructions as to how the year will roll, I think everyone should have a goal that should be pursued.

The dictionary defines Goal Setting as the process of deciding what you want to accomplish and devising a plan to achieve those desired results.

We all need a goal so noble to run with. But as Christians, do we just go through life as we will? No!

We don’t just decide without involving the Author of life, we cannot achieve anything without Him, no plan devised can be successful if He’s not involved.

God is the One who directs the cause of our lives, so we need His guidance for triumph in our endeavours in life.

So, let’s look at some scriptural guidelines that we help us set the right goals:

  • Seek Wisdom – Ecc 10:10, John 5:30

Goal setting is as a result of desires in our hearts, what you desire to achieve, if we don’t have a desire for anything, there will be no point setting any goals, right?

So, whatever those desires are, seek God’s wisdom about it.

We must understand that God who places desires in our heart, is able to grants them according to His will but not without first seeking His wisdom.

If you desire to have multiple streams of income, you go the Lord, telling Him ‘ Lord I learnt that this so and so business is now very lucrative but what are you saying about it?’

It’s more like enquiring of the Lord as David did. 1 Samuel 30:8-9

So David inquired of the Lord, saying, “Shall I pursue this troop? Shall I overtake them?”
And He answered him, “Pursue, for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all.”

Not every business is your business! Even if your friends are making money off it, God may not be leading you there. Don’t follow the crowd, follow your Lord!

There’s a reason why He is Lord, He has power and authority over the affairs of your life.

Get down before Him and ask for His wisdom, He will give you the word you need and the guidance required.

The truth is if we seek God’s wisdom in everything, we will save ourselves a lot of heartaches and headaches. Precious time will be redeemed as well.

To avoid going the same circle over and over, doing the same thing or setting the same goal every year without any result to show for it, seek the wisdom of God for guidance or direction.

  • Acknowledge God. – Psalm 37:4-5, Proverbs 3:5-6

Our goals or plans can only be successful when God is involved and don’t forget acknowledging God requires humility, only the meek will the Lord guide! ( See Psalm 25:9)

When we choose His will over ours in humility, we are guided into the right path for us.

Psalm 127:1 – Without the help of the Lord, it is useless to set goals or make plans. (My version 😆)

When we acknowledge God in our goals, He guides and leads us in the best path for our lives. 

I will instruct you (says the Lord) and guide you along the best pathway for your life; I will advise you and watch your progress. – Psalm 32:8

AMP says “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you, who are willing to learn…”

If you give God the free will, He will take the wheel.

  • Align with the Word and the Will of God. – Proverbs 16:3, Romans 12:2

The will of God and the word of God – these two go hand in hand.

I often say, the will of God can be found in the word of God, so we can’t know what the will of God is if we don’t study and meditate on His word and have it transform our mind. (see Romans 12:2)

And one beautiful thing about the study of God’s word is that it doesn’t just transform our minds but also our lifestyle, we are changed from within out, we become another man, another man that’s willing to go all the way with God!

We are to live, be upheld and sustained by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God, and the Bible is God’s voice in prints.

Before I digress too much, it makes a huge difference when our goals are aligned with the goals of God for us.

Share, submit, entrust, commit, align your plans with the Lord, and you will succeed. (Proverbs 16:3)

Where can we find God’s goals for us? In His Word! The will of God will always align with His word! 

See, if you want to know if something is good and godly, weigh it or examine it with the word of God.

The word of God is likened to a mirror (See James 1:23-24), it sees through anything.

Our goals should reflect the truth of God’s word. It should be directed by the will of God, it should be aligned and conformed to the will of Abba.

God’s will supersede ours and they are perfect.

When our goals are shaped by the word of God, it becomes a reality flawlessly because God’s word does not lie, it is forever valid and settled. (See Psalm 119:89) It’s a more sure word of prophecy! (See 2Peter 1:19)

When we engage the word of God then revelation is found, and revelations are the discovery of God’s thoughts and plans for us. 

Proverbs 29:18
CSB – Without revelation people run wild, but one who follows divine instruction will be happy.

MSG – If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves; But when they attend to what He reveals, they are most blessed.

May the Lord give you understanding, amen!  

I hope you have been blessed. I will continue the rest in part 2. God bless you.

Keep flourishing! 💋


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Faith || The Word for the Year 2021 – I N C R E A S E!

Isaac planted seeds in that land. And he gathered in the same year a hundred times as much as he had planted. The Lord brought good to him. Isaac became rich and kept getting richer until he became a great man. – Genesis 25:12-13

It was in the first week of December last year, lol! It’s now last year o, about a month ago there about that the Lord dropped in my heart a word for this year and I’ve been bubbling with excitement ever since. It is I N C R E A S E!

There have been confirmations right, left, back, front and centre and this gets me even more excited.

2021, you will experience increase on all fronts after the order of Isaac, you will be blessed and favoured by the Lord and every little effort you make will be magnified by the Lord to result into outstanding success and breakthrough!

The year is filled with plenty of rain and the Lord your God will personally keep His eyes upon you, He will go with you day after day all year long.

No matter what lies ahead, God promises to be with us and provide everything that we need to succeed, but remember only Him got the roadmap for the journey ahead.

So, I encourage you to get Him involved in every detail of your life’s activity this year and let Him lead you, you will go far and well if you will submit in obedience to Him.

Remember, Isaac became very prosperous because he followed and obeyed God’s leading, the hundredfold increase didn’t just come to be, it was as a result of His obedience to God when he was directed to stay where he was. 

Then the Lord appeared to him and said: “Do not go down to Egypt; live in the land of which I shall tell you. Dwell in this land, and I will be with you and bless you; for to you and your descendants I give all these lands, and I will perform the oath which I swore to Abraham your father.  – Genesis. 26:2-3

God will bring the increase that we desire for the year but we must be ready to follow every one of His instructions to the letter.

May we be marvellously helped in Jesus name. Amen! 

Happy New Year Beloveds!
Have an increasingly glorious 2021!
Keep flourishing! 💋


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Faith || God is Mindful of Us – The Word for December

God is Mindful of Us

The Lord knows our frame
He is the God who sees the intent of our heart
He can be touched with our feelings.

Our trials, our struggles
The consolation, the preservation
The daily new mercies and benefits.

The expression of His mind
The mighty word filling breath of Him
The revelation of Truth which He has given us.

He remembers us in our lowly state
He reaches down from heaven and rescues us
We are being chased by His beauty and love.

Everything, even His very minutest blessing
All express the thought in God’s mind to us
How precious are His thoughts toward us!

He blesses us with an increase of His mercy
His gifts and grace, His presence and Spirit
What a good good Father He’s been to us.

The past experiences of His goodness bestowed
The promises of future blessings untold
All encouraged us to trust in His paths and plans.

Give us Your eternal perspective, Lord
Help us to see the profundity of your love for us
How amazing it is to know that You’re so mindful of us!

P.S: Despite all that has transpired in the year 2020, God is still mindful of you, He has your best interest at heart and you can always trust that His plans are good towards you and He’s able to perform all things for you.

Happy New Month Beloveds!
There is still so much in store, take it all in!
He that has promised is faithful.

Yes and Amen!
Welcome on board!
Keep flourishing! 💋


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Inspiration || Arise – The Word for the Month of October

So I suddenly became anxious about quite a few things lately, and I kept professing Philippians 4:6-7 but as I was studying two mornings ago, the Lord said to me ARISE!

Trust me, I looked up the word Arise in my Bible concordance, because the word could be figurative and not just literal or causative, and I discovered that all through the scripture, everywhere and anyone the Lord said to arise, it’s always culminates into a new change of level for them.

Like everyone Jesus told to arise, either rose from sickness to healing or from death to life, it was always a call into a new beginning and an entirely new experience.

God always has a distinct divine agenda, there’s always something spectacular on the other side, a prepared new position to rise into, a transformation that needs to occur. (I don’t think that’s expressive enough but I pray that the Lord will expand His words in your heart. Amen)

So, I have risen from that anxiety and fear for the future, I have risen into the rest of God. I have chosen to arise and follow the Lord’s plans for me, no matter where that leads me. After all, He knows not just my beginning but my end and all that’s in between. Mine is just to obey whatever He commands.

So I say to you too to Arise!
Arise from your worry into the peace of God!
Arise from that shame to glory and honour!
Arise from fear of the future or the unknown into confidence in the One who knows all things!
Arise from your state of inaction into the full manifestation of what God has called you to do!
Arise from your doubt and let your faith jack back to life, He that promised is forever faithful.

Whatever it is, just rise!

There’s something more on the other side, God has prepared a better than the present moment experience for you and until you arise, you can’t shine the light of God in you to experience the glory He’s prepared for you.

Morning is here, arise! 

Arise [from the depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept you—rise to a new life]! Shine (be radiant with the glory of the Lord), for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you! — Isaiah 60:1

Happy New Month Beloveds!
Welcome to October!💃
Keep flourishing! 💋


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Faith || Just One Word

Just one word Lord
Like Peter, bid me come
Help me launch into the deep without doubt

Just one word
Like Lazarus, call forth
Let every deadness hear and receive life

Just one word
Like the centurion, I believe
The authority of Your spoken word is enough

Just one word
Rebuke every wind and raging sea
Everything obeys Your voice

Just one word
Break into pieces every rock
Pierce every soul and spirit

At Your word
Everything takes shape
The impossible becomes possible.

Yes and Amen!
Keep flourishing! 💋


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Inspiration || Don’t Eat Your Tomorrow Today

I was only journaling my thoughts then it became an epistle, so here is the epistle.

You see this idea of having a few hundreds of thousands or a few million in your account and you’re already thinking of how to change your entire wardrobe or buy the latest iPhone or change your car eh?

Whichever spirit birthed that idea, that spirit is a bastard! I repeat that spirit is a bastard! That spirit that wouldn’t allow us to practice delayed gratification is not of God. 

I have come to realise that being a 9-5er, the only way you can stop living from paycheck to paycheck or not end up being broke or poor is to give, save, invest, spend and repeat.

A farmer doesn’t eat all his harvest. He sows some back into the ground so he doesn’t suffer when the next harvest season comes and he has nothing to harvest, or he becomes a subject of mockery. If all we do is to spend and spend and spend, we are on our way to the poverty land, nothing is promising about the land. Lol!

For the entrepreneurs, I read somewhere that you are not supposed to spend your profit until it has been multiplied more than twice. A good book to read is The Richest Man in Babylon, must I always talk about reading? Please forgive me, I am just someone who believes learning from other people’s experiences via books can save us from having to go through some life’s hurdles ourselves. We don’t need to experience it to learn from it. It doesn’t have to be your experience before you learn the lessons, other people’s experiences can be your best teacher not necessarily yours.

We all understand that being an entrepreneur isn’t for the faint-hearted and we all can not be one, some of us are not even called in that area, so we maintain our lane with joy and gladness of heart. #Jejely! Lol. But if you have been called to it, be intentional about it and also take necessary actions.

God gives bread to the eater and seed to the shower (2Corinthians 9:10), in that your 50k or 500k salary, even if it’s a 10k salary, there’s a seed to sow, don’t eat all. If all you do is to eat all, God wouldn’t give you an overabundance, because God is not a waster.

I have mentioned how I purposely didn’t set any goals for this year as I usually do but one of the major things, the Lord laid bare to me was the area of my finances, I was struggling and I guess because I allowed myself to be vulnerable with that struggling part of my life, the Holy Spirit came to my rescue. Btw, let God invade your private life, it is for your own good.

I have often talked about how I am being changed by the word of God, I’m aware how much it has made me better, so I have made it a point of duty to go to God in His word and of course in prayer. The word of God remains a mirror that shows us things about us that need to be refined. It gives us a sound correction. (See 2Corinthians 3:18 and 2Timothy 3:16)

I was struggling not that I was borrowing or living beyond my means but I wasn’t saving enough, I wasn’t on top of the game about my finances and I was always sad about it. So I made some changes by wisdom.

See, I discovered that just paying your tithe without also putting something aside for the future isn’t balance and just saving without tithing and giving is foolish. You need wisdom on the list if you want to have the financial freedom you desire.

I understand that giving is the key to receiving but you can’t just be receiving and be squandering because you have given a portion of what you have received as a tithe, so the windows of heaven have been opened, it’s time to flex! That’s not all that needs to be done, you still need to save, don’t flex all of it away! Applying the principle of sowing and reaping isn’t enough, you need wisdom and wisdom is after paying your tithe, you save and invest and not just spend.

Proverbs 21:20 says “The wise store up choice food and olive oil, but fools gulp theirs down.”

When God multiplies your seed, if all you do is to eat all, the Bible says you are not wise.

We saw how Joseph helped the Egyptians saved up during the seven years of abundant harvest for the seven years of famine. (See Genesis 41:48, 53-56)

Also, if an ordinary ant can know how to store its provisions in summer and gather its food at harvest (See Proverbs 6:8), how much more you and I who were created after God’s likeness and carry the mind of Christ.

So, thank God I am getting my act together, I have taken my savings seriously, I’ve also been faithful with my tithing as always, I didn’t stop there, I’ve been investing as well and I encourage you to do the same if you haven’t been doing so. May we be marvellously helped in Jesus name. Amen! 

P.S: One of the very secure saving platforms that has helped me save a lot in the last couple of months is Piggyvest and you too can begin a journey to financial freedom today. Begin here using my ref code. HERE

I hope you’ve been blessed.
Please comment and share with your friends and family. God bless you.

Keep flourishing! 💋


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Faith || No Returns – The Word for the Month of September

That’s how it is with my words. They don’t return to me without doing everything I send them to do.” – Isaiah 55:11

Either one or more, every one of God’s words operates a No Returns Policy!

Once He says it, that’s the ultimate! In fact, you don’t need two or more, just one word from the Lord is all you need, one word will turn your life around, give you direction and cause you to gain speed in life. It will terminate any age-long struggle! Just a word can change everything!

And even if there are two or more for you, you can be assured that all will be fulfilled because every word that proceeds from the mouth of God accomplishes that which He pleases and purposes, and prospers in the thing for which He sends them. God’s word is quick and powerful (Hebrews 4:12), it is the more sure word of prophecy. (2Peter 1:19)

This month, all you need is just one word from God, either for direction or instruction, for a breakthrough or lifting, for success or what have you, all you need is just one word of eternal life.

God always speaks with intention and He has the right word for every season and situation in your life, and once He gives it, either written or spoken, hold on to it because you can count on it, you can be sure it’s the final! His word CAN NOT return back to Him without fulfilment.

I pray for you that, may you believe that one word – ‘launch’ into the deep without arguing as Peter did, just as the dead Lazarus was called forth by the word of Jesus, may every dead thing in your life hear the word of the Lord and jack back to life, may every issue of concern be turned to testimony and may every written and spoken word of God concerning you be accomplished speedily in Jesus name. Amen!

Happy New Month Beloveds,
Welcome to September.
Keep flourishing! 💋


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Inspiration || Bloom and Blossom

Grow at your own pace
Quality takes time
Don’t settle for mediocrity!

Don’t rush your process
Growth is a journey 
Enjoy every bend! 

You will bud
You will blossom and bloom
You will bear fruit!

In your season
At the Lord’s appointed time
He will make all things beautiful for you. Amen!

Be encouraged!
You shall be marvellously helped. Amen.

Keep flourishing! 💋


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Faith || He Will Perform

Divine strength for the present 
Day by day we are being helped 
Bright hope for the future
We await all that He’s unfolding.

With joy, we draw
With faith and patience, we obtain
In gratitude, we are multiplied
In obedience, we are blessed.

The brand new thing
The double or twice over
The pressed down, shaken together, running over
Much more, the eternal glory that outweighs. 

He will give a flourishing finish
He’s working it all out for our good
Our expectations will not be cut off
God’s integrity is not faulty.

We believe in Him who has promised
His faithfulness endures forever
We are assured He’s able to perform
Not one of His promises will fail.

Yes and Amen!

Keep flourishing! 💋


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