Faith || In His Might – Word for the Month of September

Until we have come to the very end of ourselves, we cannot fully comprehend what God can do through us.

I think it’s okay to acknowledge that we can of ourselves do nothing. We are frail! Literally! I mean, ain’t we? Our effort as humans is inadequate, our strength is small! We have no power of our own!

There’s absolutely nothing we can do in our own strength alone, forget motivational speaking, lol! No one can successfully go through life by their own strength and wisdom but there’s much more we can achieve through the strength of God in us and His wisdom before us.

This month, all that you set out to do will be made possible and exceed your expectations if only you would go in the might of Abba!

 I pray that may we be carried by the outstretched arms of YHWH!
As we ride on the wings of the Spirit, may we be infused with strength that outruns chariots and be baptised into divine fearlessness.

May we take hold of grace for unprecedented exploits and may our feebleness be exchanged for His might Jesus name, amen!

You can be sure of speed when your path is lighted by Him and your little will be made much when He’s the wind beneath your wings.

So, go in His might! Ephesians 6:10

Happy New Month Beloveds
Welcome to Spectacular September!
Keep flourishing! 💜


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