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Dear Bride or Bride to be,

I hope you’re ready for the worse in marriage as much as you’re prepared for the better.

The truth no one probably ever told you is that marriage doesn’t make you happy, it does make you holy and that comes at a price of humility, vulnerability and intentionality.

I hope you’re totally honest with your real self, that deepest part of you that no one knows and confront your selfishness, own up those attitudes you’re not proud of, they will not go away when you finally become a Mrs.

There will be days you wouldn’t feel loved or give love, you might want to go back to your father’s house. I hope your commitment will be stronger than your fleeting decisions or feelings.

I hope your expectations are not unrealistic or outrageous as you’re not marrying an angel because marriage magnifies people’s weaknesses as much as it stretches your love and enlarges your capacity for love.

I hope you are ready to love the God way and never stop loving even when you don’t feel any butterflies in your tummy and your sweet prince charming never closes the toilet seat.

When the storm of life hits, I hope you will be courageous as a copilot of your marriage and not chicken out like a mere passenger.

I hope you embrace your high calling as a helpmeet-saving, helping, building, moulding and serving even as you allow your life to become a conduit through which God’s strength flows.

The Excellent Wife isn’t the perfect one but the one who is submitted to God and surrender herself as a vessel God can use, work on, with and through.

Here is my prayer for you:
May you receive great grace to build a godly home and raise godly seeds
May you not just be a married woman with the title Mrs, but one who understands and fulfils the will and plans of her Maker
Above all, may you be marvellously helped by Abba, amen!
Keep flourishing! 💋
©DAJ 2021


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