Faith || P O S S I B I L I T I E S – The Word for the Month of July

So the impossible is possible with God.

– Luke 1:37

When the impossible is made possible, we call it a miracle or wonder! And W o n d e r is who God is, He is full of wonders! (Isaiah 9:6b)

Possibility is a word that defines who our God is and from creation till date, we have seen and heard of diverse kinds of impossibilities that became possible simply because our God was involved.

With five loaves and two small fish, five thousand men, including women and children were fed
Simple instruction and a response of obedience turned water into wine
An unwavering faith delivered some 3 Hebrew guys from a fiery furnace.

Just by a word of command, a valley of dry bones became an exceeding great army
Blind men received their sight, the lame walked
Even raging seas became calm by the power of His spoken word.

A virgin conceived a child by the Holy Spirit
Aged barren women bore sons
A shepherd boy became a renowned warrior and a king… All these and many more are God’s speciality!

The Extraordinary Strategist! He brings greatness out of nothingness, He revives lifeless situations and does wonders without number. (Job 9:10) Whenever He steps in, He does the unimaginable! That’s who our God is and He is true to His word!

This month, as you take delight in obeying every of God’s instructions, you will see His will accomplished in your life.

That issue of concern that looks like a dead-end, hand it over to the God of all flesh with whom nothing is impossible and watch him create a way in your wilderness and open up flowing streams in your wasteland. (Isaiah 43:19b)

Those written forgotten and forsaken goals and ideas in your journals and heart are still achievable, remember God operates outside time, He knows how to give speedy accomplishments in a short time.

I encourage you to revisit them and hand them over to the One who specialises in making the impossible possible.

As you follow His leading, He will show you the way to go and make straight your path.

As you stretch your faith to believe in His enormous power to work through you, you will experience His sovereignty.

As you rest in His sovereignty, He will make every impossible possible for you in Jesus name, amen!

Happy New Month Beloveds!💃
Welcome to All Round Possibilities!
Have a joyous July!
Keep flourishing!💋


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