Faith || Ordered Steps – The Word for the Month of June

God’s ways are higher than our ways
His thoughts far exceed even that which we are yet to think
His ways are perfect and loaded in His words
His ways are the gateways to our high places.

God’s paths are of peace and pleasantness
No one is ever stranded walking in them
Those who follow them escape life’s decadence
Choosing them brings life and joy everlasting.

What He has prepared for us, no mind can fathom
The exceeding great and precious promises
All things that pertain to life and godliness
They’ve been made ready for those who walk in His ways.

Our steps are ordered by the Lord
His directions become our guide
His instructions become a delight
Obedience will lead us into His prepared place!

As we follow the guidance of Abba this month and beyond
May the path before us be made straight and steady
As we obey His leading delightsomely
May we enjoy all the benefits that come along with being led by Him.
Yes and Amen!

Hello June! 💃
Happy New Month Beloveds!
Keep flourishing! 💋


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