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I was only journaling my thoughts then it became an epistle, so here is the epistle.

You see this idea of having a few hundreds of thousands or a few million in your account and you’re already thinking of how to change your entire wardrobe or buy the latest iPhone or change your car eh?

Whichever spirit birthed that idea, that spirit is a bastard! I repeat that spirit is a bastard! That spirit that wouldn’t allow us to practice delayed gratification is not of God. 

I have come to realise that being a 9-5er, the only way you can stop living from paycheck to paycheck or not end up being broke or poor is to give, save, invest, spend and repeat.

A farmer doesn’t eat all his harvest. He sows some back into the ground so he doesn’t suffer when the next harvest season comes and he has nothing to harvest, or he becomes a subject of mockery. If all we do is to spend and spend and spend, we are on our way to the poverty land, nothing is promising about the land. Lol!

For the entrepreneurs, I read somewhere that you are not supposed to spend your profit until it has been multiplied more than twice. A good book to read is The Richest Man in Babylon, must I always talk about reading? Please forgive me, I am just someone who believes learning from other people’s experiences via books can save us from having to go through some life’s hurdles ourselves. We don’t need to experience it to learn from it. It doesn’t have to be your experience before you learn the lessons, other people’s experiences can be your best teacher not necessarily yours.

We all understand that being an entrepreneur isn’t for the faint-hearted and we all can not be one, some of us are not even called in that area, so we maintain our lane with joy and gladness of heart. #Jejely! Lol. But if you have been called to it, be intentional about it and also take necessary actions.

God gives bread to the eater and seed to the shower (2Corinthians 9:10), in that your 50k or 500k salary, even if it’s a 10k salary, there’s a seed to sow, don’t eat all. If all you do is to eat all, God wouldn’t give you an overabundance, because God is not a waster.

I have mentioned how I purposely didn’t set any goals for this year as I usually do but one of the major things, the Lord laid bare to me was the area of my finances, I was struggling and I guess because I allowed myself to be vulnerable with that struggling part of my life, the Holy Spirit came to my rescue. Btw, let God invade your private life, it is for your own good.

I have often talked about how I am being changed by the word of God, I’m aware how much it has made me better, so I have made it a point of duty to go to God in His word and of course in prayer. The word of God remains a mirror that shows us things about us that need to be refined. It gives us a sound correction. (See 2Corinthians 3:18 and 2Timothy 3:16)

I was struggling not that I was borrowing or living beyond my means but I wasn’t saving enough, I wasn’t on top of the game about my finances and I was always sad about it. So I made some changes by wisdom.

See, I discovered that just paying your tithe without also putting something aside for the future isn’t balance and just saving without tithing and giving is foolish. You need wisdom on the list if you want to have the financial freedom you desire.

I understand that giving is the key to receiving but you can’t just be receiving and be squandering because you have given a portion of what you have received as a tithe, so the windows of heaven have been opened, it’s time to flex! That’s not all that needs to be done, you still need to save, don’t flex all of it away! Applying the principle of sowing and reaping isn’t enough, you need wisdom and wisdom is after paying your tithe, you save and invest and not just spend.

Proverbs 21:20 says “The wise store up choice food and olive oil, but fools gulp theirs down.”

When God multiplies your seed, if all you do is to eat all, the Bible says you are not wise.

We saw how Joseph helped the Egyptians saved up during the seven years of abundant harvest for the seven years of famine. (See Genesis 41:48, 53-56)

Also, if an ordinary ant can know how to store its provisions in summer and gather its food at harvest (See Proverbs 6:8), how much more you and I who were created after God’s likeness and carry the mind of Christ.

So, thank God I am getting my act together, I have taken my savings seriously, I’ve also been faithful with my tithing as always, I didn’t stop there, I’ve been investing as well and I encourage you to do the same if you haven’t been doing so. May we be marvellously helped in Jesus name. Amen! 

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I hope you’ve been blessed.
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Keep flourishing! 💋


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