Inspiration || God Honours Our Obedience

One of the major strong reasons King Hezekiah gave to God when the prophet was sent to tell him to be ready to die was how he (Hezekiah) had always tried to obey and please the Lord. (See Isaiah 38)

I don’t know if he said other things that moved the heart of God but one thing I am sure of, which has been shown to us all through the scripture is, God, honours obedience. It gives Him pleasure when we just obey.

Reading through the books of Kings recently, I discovered that one major thing the Lord kept making emphasis on, was obedience, nothing more. And one notable thing was mentioned about King Josiah, that there was no king who so completely turned to the Lord and followed all his instructions like him. He obeyed the Lord completely and the reward was evident to all. (See 2Kings 23:25)

Every King who did according to God’s instructions had better chances of living a good life. Obedience brought them blessings but those who walked in disobedience ended in calamity.

Every of God’s instructions that we obey will always bring us the blessings. God isn’t seeking anything from us than obedience, I guess that was why He chose David over Saul.

Also, sometimes, our obedience has a lot to do with others than with us. God doesn’t just bless us when we obey Him, He blesses others as well through our obedience.

The moment we realise so many other people’s blessings are tied to our obedience, we begin to live in obedience and it is in living in obedience that God’s power can be maximised in our lives.

I encourage you to choose a life of obedience to God as someone else’s blessing is dependent on it. (John 2:5-10)

Let’s also note that, It is much more important to God how we obey Him even in little things, as our obedience in small things is an integral step in receiving His greatest blessings. (Luke 5:4-10)

When we engage in obedience to God’s word, His leading, His directives, His instructions, He honours us by manifesting Himself in and through our lives. Amen!

Keep flourishing! 💋


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