Faith || Something Brand New – The Word for the Month of August


Stop dwelling on the past. Don’t even remember these former things.

 I am doing something brand new, something unheard of.

Isaiah 43:18-19a

I realize that as humans, we often have this euphoria feelings about any achievement no matter how old it is. 

It is our nature to want to stick with the old because it’s too good to let go but no one moves forward by dwelling in the past!

Two things the Lord laid in my heart:
1. For everyone who thinks their past accomplishments have been second to none, God says you should forget all those and remember them no more, He says He’s doing something brand new and it is nothing compared to what you’ve seen, handled or achieved before. ‘I am making a nonsense of the former’, that’s what He says.

2. For everyone who has laboured and worked hard just to see things change, even if it’s just a little change but it seems like it’s the same narrative.

God says, forget all the struggles, I am doing something unheard of. Beyond your wildest dreams! I am blazing a trail! I am doing the unimaginable! No eyes have seen it! No mind has conceived. It’s brand new!

I am making a way where you’ve laboured to get a way, I am bringing forth the new.
I am causing doors to open on their own accord, I am bringing you into favour you do not deserve.

This month, there’s something new to look out for irrespective of how well or how bad you’ve done in the past.

And my prayer for everyone who’s at the edge of giving up and earnestly desires a breath of fresh air in whatever and wherever, may you experience the brand new thing God is bringing and more. Amen!

P.S: Don’t forget to ask for God’s help and you will be marvellously helped. Amen.

Welcome to N E W N E S S!✨
Happy New Month.

Keep flourishing! 💋


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