Inspiration || God’s Manifest Presence – The Ultimate Gift

We have heard it said over and over that the presence of God is everywhere but what we don’t often hear is that the manifest presence of God isn’t everywhere.

The omnipresence nature of God makes Him be everywhere and can exist without our awareness but the manifest presence of God cannot!

It is not something anyone encounters and remains normal or stays still! No way! You will know something hits you! Your awareness becomes awakened! In one word, It is experiential! #Glory!

Case study: King Nebuchadnezzar, when he threw the three Hebrew Boys into the fire, they had the omnipresent nature of God with them all along but the king wasn’t aware of it, only the guys knew God was with them, but the moment the manifest presence of God stepped in, oh boy! The king jumped up and screamed, look at! I can see four men! Or ain’t I seeing well? He had to rub his eyes to be sure he saw correctly, #Lol! He saw the 4th Man in the fire #Kabaya! and even testified that His appearance was like that of the Son of God! Who told him? (See Daniel 3:20-25)

The truth is, no one remains the same having encountered the manifest presence of Yahweh!

To live daily encompassed with the manifest presence of God is not only supernaturally beautiful but it is imperative in our Christian walk! Just imagine the kind of victorious life we would all be living if we all have this kind of experience steadily! Gosh! What an endless glory to behold!

So the ultimate blessing we need is the gift of God’s manifest presence. We must be like Moses who said he’s not moving until God personally moves with him. (See Ex 33:10-15)

However, to enjoy this gift of the manifest presence of God, we must live in the consciousness of it! Now I am not talking about feelings but a spiritual tsunami of all that God is, a genuine encounter that leaves no one the same, you know what happens when there’s an outbreak of tsunami right? Eh-en!

But just that this is not ‘destructive’ except in the enemies’ camp and we are aware of what transpired when Christ showed up there…Ayayayaya! (See Colossians 2:15)

We must also desire a continual hunger and thirst for the manifest presence of God! We must not just desire it but we must as well pray deliberately for it, get ready for it and anticipate it.

My prayer for us all is that, in this month of His presence, we will all genuinely and earnestly walk in the reality of the manifest presence of Yahweh! Amen!

Keep flourishing! 💋

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