Faith || Great Grace — The Word for The Month of February

I struggled with the theme of this month, I don’t know why I kept arguing with the Lord saying, it’s February, give me a love-related theme! Like I have a say? Oh! Lord have mercy!

But here we are! I finally obeyed. But wait a minute! What is even love without grace? Do you get?

It’s the year of the Lord! So, we will be needing His grace, sufficient enough to take us through and He’s promised to release the same unto us greatly.

Grace is part of God’s personality, it is His nature, it is who He is. That means God is giving us an abundance of Himself. Glory!

When grace is at work in a man’s life, it means God is the one at work and when God is at work in a man’s life, that man ceases from struggles, he enjoys supernatural help, things begin to work for him on their own accord, he is sustained by his faith in God. Amen!

So this month, I pray for you and me that great measure of God’s grace will rest on us and we will be that man or woman.

Like Stephen (Acts 6:8), we will be full of God’s grace and power and we will do great wonders and jaw-dropping things that bring glory to God. Amen.

Happy New Month Beloveds! 🎉
Welcome to February! 💃
Your month of Great Grace. 🙌

Keep flourishing! 💋


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