Inspiration || Strength That Outruns Chariots

Who has heard such a thing
That a man outruns chariot
Who has seen such a wonder

It is with the supernatural power of Yahweh
Generated in the place of prayer
With it, we do the impossible

Our feet are made like the hinds
We run without stopping for rest
We are never weary or sleepy

We mount up wings like Eagles
We walk and never fainting
We are never stumbling

He is the wind beneath our wings
In His might, we go
In His strength, we are never exhausted

Sufficient grace is made available
Power is made perfect in weakness
Our strength is continuously renewed. ♥

The Lord said to me that He’s releasing strength that outruns chariots. But two things:
  1. Don’t settle for less thinking your strength is little, God is releasing more than the natural strength to accomplish and do the humanly impossible things.
  2. Don’t rely on your own strength thinking you’ve got things under control, you will be worn out and exhausted. Besides, our greatest strength means nothing without God.
It is possible to rise above our limitations when we know it is only God that enables us to do the impossible, and when we rely on His sovereignty, He brings us the victory.
Keep flourishing! 💋

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