Faith || Happy New Year – 2020 The Year of The Lord

The Year 2020…
It’s the year of the Lord
We will chase Him harder
Our hearts will pant deeper

It’s a brand new year
In His might, we take off
In His strength, we prevail

It’s the beginning of a new season
We will make the most of it
Every moment is precious

It is K A I R O S!
We will live ready
Embracing all that He has in store. 🙌

My Prayer for you:
This year shall answer to you in every way
Nothing dies in your hand
Nothing diminishes around you
Everything you touch prospers
You shall break forth to left, right, up and center

This year, you will reap a 1000folds blessing
Success in quick successions
Breakthrough unlimited, and
Unmerited favor shall be the order of happenings around you all through this year and beyond. Amen!

Welcome to the year 2020, where everything answers in your favor. 💃

Happy New Year Beloveds!🎊 🤗
Keep flourishing! 💋

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