Life’s Lessons || Lessons Learned In 2019

  1. My situation or circumstance doesn’t change who God is. He is good at every season. The sooner I realized this, the better it was for me.
  2. When God says no, it’s a blessing in disguise, sometimes He’s redirecting our steps to something only Him has the full picture of.
  3. Every season serves a purpose. The present season prepares us for the next, the worse season builds strength, tenacity, and faith in us, it also teaches us lessons that we couldn’t have learned any better.
  4. I learned to know my place in people’s lives and act accordingly.
  5. Know your tribe! Everybody is not for you. The people who are really for you will not be against you.
  6. Sieve every relationship in your life and prune the rest. You go faster when you’re in the right company.
  7. 2019 was a whole lot, but God sustained me. The storm didn’t take me away because I got Jesus in my boat. He speaks peace still!

P.S: 2020, is the year of the Lord, I will chase Him harder and my heart will pant deeper. I will continue to live purposefully, pray fervently, slay beautifully, soar mightily high and I’ll do ‘me’ more, unapologetically.

Cheers to a glorious 2020! 🥂
Keep flourishing! 💋

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I have no doubt that you will be tremendously blessed by it and I look forward to receiving your testimony. God bless you.


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