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You know when the Lord said to me that 2019 will be a journey, I thought it was going to be a great ride but mehn! Guys! It wasn’t at all.

If I begin to talk, you will ask me how did I survive all that? And how could one person have gone through all of that? but like I always say, there are lessons in every season. I believe this season came to toughen and thicken me.

And the good thing is, God was alongside in the storm. Several times I cried to the Lord and each time I cried, He always said ‘you will be fine… It’s yielding peaceable fruit of righteousness.’

With all the major losses and disappointments, challenges, and trials, the good news that became bad! I judge Him faithful! (Job 2:10) And in all that has happened, I learned and had a hands-on experience that my situation or circumstance doesn’t change who God is. Yes!

God is good irrespective of what I’m going through, and even if I can’t seem to see what He’s doing in my worse season, the strength to carry through that season He has supplied and that’s a major blessing.

Grateful for all that happened in 2019, for the blessings and the lessons!

For the battle You fought on my behalf and the victory You gave me.

Thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness fails not! I proclaim you are a good God!

Thank you, Lord for carrying me through! Amen. 

P.S: What lessons are you grateful for in 2019? Kindly drop your comment below.


Keep flourishing! 

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