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Hi Guys,
So I had a speaking engagement earlier today and I preached from Matthew 5:13-16.

I talked about the symbolism of salt and light and listed some characteristics of each of them and how they relate to us as Christians.

Worthy of note is How To Shine Our Light As Christians:

1. Do Not Hide Your Light
We’ve been called to be light bearers! We cannot shine our light when it is hidden and when our light isn’t shining, men can’t see our good works and when our good works are not seen, our lives can’t bring glory to God. God is light and He is not to be kept a secret!

2. Talk and Share Your Faith
People should know what you carry…LIGHT! When we share our faith, we are simply spreading the light.

3. Light Other People’s Candle
We shine brightest when we are all lit.

4. Live a Life That Glorifies God
Living our lives for God brings Him glory and our light is a reflection of God’s light. So, when we get it right with Him, He shines through us.

The summary:
You are the light of the world
You’ve been anointed to illuminate
You are the salt of the earth
You’ve been assigned to preserve

As a preserver, stand on the watch for the lost
As a flavor, sweeten and add savor
As light, shine and brighten the world
You’ve been made a blessing to the world

You have been saved to shine
You have been transformed to inform
You have been helped to uphold others
You have been restored to strengthen

Hide not but shine your light so brightly
Influence and make an impact on others
Let men see your good works and not words
Let your life bring glory to your heavenly Father.

Keep Flourishing!

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