Inspiration || Act Fast! Act Now!

God can give same idea to different people, He’s interested in your availability and not ability.

A lot of people are thinking what you’re thinking, you need to be smart and execute every idea God gives you as soon as right now.

Don’t delay any more! Take action now!

Besides, God can not be waiting on or for you, that’s impossible. The psalmist says “I hasten and do not delay keeping your commandments’ (Psalm 119:60)

The matter of a king requires haste you know, but some of us expect God to wait for us, we delay at His instructions and act only when it’s convenient.

Delaying on God’s instruction is to our detriment.

Prompt obedience is key.
Delayed obedience is disobedient.

Act fast! Take action now!

Keep Flourishing!

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